Sourcing your Savant: Hyper-Focus your Career on your Genius


Releasing your inner savant requires operating at your maximum.  Mechanisms and processes have evolved inside of us and outside which are committed to maximizing living systems for survival.

When one complies with this internal-external ‘machinery’ to allow oneself to be maximized, magic happens.  The internal links with the external.  Circuits inside and out complete.  Processes partner.  Mechanisms mesh.  Systems synergize and synchronize.  Synchronicities surge.  Coincidences cluster to catapult you to your goals.  Results far exceed the linear projection from one’s start point.  The whole becomes greater than the sum of the parts.

Your internal potential is extended by the external capabilities of both the maximizing machinery and the other systems that it orchestrates.  You are able to operate beyond your innate potential.  You have sourced your savant (see The New Career Maximums Part One).  The exercises in this article are designed to identify your personal formula for operating in your savant state.  We need only examine your past savant moments to generate more of them in your future.  Careers have been made through a few flashes of genius.  Worlds have been changed.  Discover your potential planetary footprint before you dilute it for other life and career priorities.


1.  If we removed all restrictions and provided you with every freedom and resource, what could the ‘maximized you’ accomplish?
2.  What is the work for which you are “biologically predisposed to excel” and “biologically predisposed to crave”?
3.  What would your career become if you applied your strongest most rewarding talents on their most meaningful, impactful, and valued application over a lifetime?
4.  What would your career become if those talents were to continuously upgrade over your lifetime at your maximum possible growth rate?
5.  What could you accomplish if you only focused on the application and growth of your strongest talents over a lifetime?

In The Secret Career Strategy of the World’s Most Successful Executives, we learned about the biologically maximized career from the seven iconic founders of Amazon, Microsoft, Google Facebook, and Apple:  Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Mark Zuckerberg, and the two Steves, Jobs and Wozniak, respectively.

In The New Career Maximums Parts One and Two, we discovered that the careers of these seven super-achievers were peppered with world-changing breakthroughs reflective of savant states.  We learned how the compliance of these seven icons to biological maximizing processes led them to lead addictive careers of serial breakthroughs, serial frontiering™ or scaling of new frontiers, serial growth, serial creations, serial emotional highs, and serial flow states caused by operating at their biological maximum applying their strongest, most rewarding talents to their most meaningful creations.

Their sudden-knowledge leaps included flashes of genius, “Aha!” and “Eureka!” events, sudden insights, sudden knowledge, sudden creativity, creative inspirations, intuitive leaps, epiphanies, and enlightenment.  Even a few of these have made careers life-changing and world-changing.  What could your career become with serial breakthroughs?  We learned how and why even those of ordinary intelligence may cultivate this savantism.  Use the unprecedented exercises below to source your inner savant for exceptional work and an exceptional career.


Your maximum state is a constant.  Nature’s processes and mechanisms for maximizing living systems for survival is also a constant.  Therefore the maximizing machinery will be very consistent as to how it pressures your system to operate at its maximum.  Accordingly, it will be predictably consistent as to which projects and work and career goals it will facilitate or thwart.  This predictability is harnessable for greater career success and greater lifetime achievement.   It gives you the means to garner the support of the maximizing process and the systems under its purview to achieve beyond your potential.

If we know how maximizing forces have pressured your system in the past, we will know how they will pressure your system going forward.  You can capitalize on this consistency and predictability.  You can predict the future from your past.  Imagine knowing in advance that a project will succeed or fail.  Predictability enables project and goal selections which will have a greater chance of success.  As a corollary, it also means you will not be damaged by choosing projects that will be opposed by the maximizing flow.  Let’s begin now to examine historically the circumstances around your past peak performances and breakthroughs.  We may then develop a savant formula to repeat, accelerate, and amplify exceptional performance in the future.


Let’s get down to determining your formula for your biologically maximized career.  This exercise is far more powerful than any existing testing for talents or aptitudes.  This is because it is about identifying what nature considers your biological maximum.  We would therefore expect indicators of support by the maximizing machinery to emerge when you are applying your strongest most gratifying talents to their most meaningful, impactful, and valued application.  Your maximum.  You would especially achieve your maximum if you were operating at in a peak performance flow state that has emerged while you are using and improving those top talents.

In this exercise you will analyze one or more of these twelve categories of events from your recent past, or, if necessary, all the way back to your childhood.  This is possible because the formula of each of the twelve categories and all of the twelve will be consistent over your lifetime.  The maximizing machinery is consistent in how it supports and opposes your system because your system has a single maximum and that is its goal state.  You will uncover several consistent patterns of events from your past.  You are about to discover a level of order in your life that you may not have noticed yet.


       Indicators of operating at your maximum

The maximizing machinery’s sole goal is to maximize you.  Anything that will help to accomplish that goal will be supported.  Anything contrary to that goal will be opposed or thwarted in an attempt to pressure you into a better direction for survival.  You can only merge with the maximizing machinery when you are moving in the direction of your maximum.  That is when the magic happens.  Circuits otherwise inaccessible will complete.  In The New Career Maximums Part Two, we learned that there are always clusters of coincidences and other information leaps all along the integrated flow of living systems maximizing and re-maximizing to changing contexts.

       Your formula or strategy for the future
Therefore, we only need to identify those events from your past where there was breakthrough synthesis inside or outside of you.  These events will tell us when you were maximized and integrated into the maximizing flow.  When we analyze these events for themes, we will know when the maximizing flow was supporting you and thus when it will support you in the future.  We will then be able to develop a formula for you to attain your biologically maximized career.  We will have a formula for sourcing your inner savant and getting paid for it.

       Serial top-talent flow states                                  
Any events in which you went into flow state around the use or improvement of strongest, most rewarding talents – your maximum performance – would be examples of you operating at your biological maximum.  They would provide the best indicators of what your formula should be going forward.  There will be lots of indicators of being supported by the machinery in this state.  Examine those events as a model of what to look for.  These top-talent flow states will define your biological maximum.

       You advance reality:  world-changing creativity, creation, upgrades, and innovations
The events you will be studying in your past must all impact, advance, or change reality in some way.  You will find that the maximizing indicators will confirm support for ‘work’ events associated with creativity, innovation, or creation.  We are obviously meant to be creative beings participating in the perpetual creative flow of the maximizing machinery that drives nature.

       Savant-like Information leaps inside or outside of you:
♦  serial coincidences
and other facilitators that speed/enhance progress

♦  serial breakthroughs:
.        ο Aha!” and “Eureka!” events, flashes of genius, epiphanies
.        ο  sudden knowledge, sudden insight, intuitive leaps, enlightenment
.        ο  sudden creativity, sudden creation, creative inspirations
♦  leaps to emotional highs

Your top-talent flow states or maximized state will be filled with breakthrough leaps such as the above.  These leaps belie the creative process that is solving maximizing challenges.  This creative process is one of re-combining existing information systems to create new information systems.

This breakthrough synthesis is the essence of nature’s creativity.  It is how living systems adapt to their environment.  It is how they re-maximize once a context has changed.  These leaps or breakthrough syntheses or maximizing flow that facilitate survival are what you will be looking for in one or more of the twelve categories of pat evens you are about to analyze.  You will be looking for the times that you collided with the breakthrough synthesis of the maximizing machinery for living systems.  The machinery or maximizing flow is what orchestrates you to the right information at the right time for the breakthrough or leap.

Performance leaps and achieving beyond your norm

Events in which we shift into our top-talent flow states are also leaps.  They are leaps to peak performance and peak growth.  They are leaps to altered consciousness.  They are leaps to maximization.  They are leaps to unification in which theoretically 100% of your body’s resources are trained on the activity at hand – an activity that is adaptive for your system.

       Serial frontiering™ into unknown territory
Obviously, if you attached to nature’s breakthrough synthesis, you are going to be continually penetrating new territory.  You will therefore want to look at the kinds of territories that you felt comfortable penetrating the unknown in your past.  That is your internal system telling you what is natural to you as part of your biological maximum.  This is especially true if you are normally fearful of moving into unknown territory.

.      Serendipitous projects accelerated by maximizing magic
You will be looking for past projects or work that seems to complete as if by magic.  These will be events in which the road seems to rise up to meet you.  You will be looking for the themes, the commonalities, and the formulas for these events so you can choose your projects and goals to capitalize on them.  Again, you want to determine what kind of activities, projects, and goals are supported.  You will be looking for the very events that you want to increase in your future.


You are now ready to choose one or more of the below categories to analyze for your best formula for a biologically maximized career which benefits from your savant capabilities.  Twelve categories of events are provided below to give you a way to examine times in your past when you successfully partnered with the maximizing flow.  All twelve categories are interchangeable.   All twelve patterns of events will point you in the same direction.  Therefore, go with the flow.  Choose the one(s) which feel easiest for you or provide you with the most information.


.Investigate twelve interchangeable historical patterns
of events or themes for when maximizing mechanisms
facilitated or opposed your ‘work’-related achievements:

1   Unpaid Work Theme:                      2013 text  
     events of work you crave so much that you would do it for free
2   Two Knowledge Themes:              2013 text   
a)  sudden-knowledge theme:  in what domains do your leaps in sudden knowledge occur?  b)  knowledge-pursuit theme:  the knowledge you naturally crave
4   Frontier-Pursuit Theme:                2013 text    
     events in which you felt compelled to penetrate new unknown territories of growth, learning, creation, and achievement despite fear of the unknown.
5   Two Creativity/Creation Themes: 2013 text    
     a)  sudden-creativity theme:  your pattern of leaps to sudden creativity      b)  creation-pursuit theme:  the creations or creativity you crave or the key creative expression of your system
7   Meaning-Pursuit Theme:              2013 text    
     the meaningful work or contributions you crave to make
8   Top-Talent Flow Theme:               2013 text    
      events where flow state emerged during the application of your strongest most preferred talents.
9   Projects Theme:                            2013 text
.    projects in which maximizing signs occurred:  serial breakthroughs, serial frontiering™, serial top-talent flow events, leaps in knowledge/creativity, positive emotions, coincidences
10 Core-Expansion Theme:             2013 text  

     expansions or intensifications of your system around its core strengths thus increasing its impact on reality
11 Resonance Theme:                      2013 text   
     frequency-sensing events which allowed you to operate in the unknown as if from total knowledge based on frequency sensing.
12 Positive Emotions:                       2013 text    
     events in which passion, excitement, and enthusiasm emerged during work that impacted reality in some way.
     No Themes:                                   2013 text    
.    If you have lived your life directed by external elements (externally referenced) rather than complying with your natural addictive drives internally (internally referenced) you will have less consistent patterns or fewer of them to help you with these life themes exercises.

There is an important reason why you will eventually want to investigate all twelve categories.  This is because this will not be a one-time exercise.  It will become your new routine modus operandi.  You will analyze immediate events as they happen to choose the direction that will keep you hugging the flow of the maximizing process.  Repeating the exercise for more current events will be the way you will read, merge into, and capitalize on the maximizing machinery going forward.

These twelve analyses will provide the information that you need for your daily decision-making, goal-setting, and goal achievement.  You will know what kind of job choices and careers will not work for you.  In addition, models from one category may be more useful for some goals than others.  Therefore, the larger your database of historical models from all twelve categories, the more information you will have to draw on to capitalize on the maximizing machinery daily.  If you feel as if an event is a maximum model from your past but you cannot figure it out, try looking at it from the perspective of some of the other categories.

Your inventory of past models from all twelve categories will give information for you to move safely and expediently into unknown territory where no other information is available.  You will not have to have specific information on the new territory.  You will know you are going in the right direction based on the indicators of the maximizing flow.  You know you will be moving with the trends of all of the systems that the maximizing flow is synchronizing and synergizing.  You will therefore be part of a dynamic stability.  You will be moving with your support systems.  This will make you a frontiering™ expert with maximum adaptivity and creativity.  Try to learn enough from these past events in all twelve categories so that you have the information, power, and ideal direction to succeed at any frontiering™ project you might want to undertake.

Knowing all twelve categories will put you into a better position to apply your greatest talents to make your greatest impact on our world.  You will have more information to amass your greatest physical, emotional, and meaning rewards and leave your greatest legacy.  And, as a corollary, you will also learn where not to pursue goals.  You will have a broader knowledge of what projects will not be supported.  You will know what kind of job choices and careers will not work for you.  You will know what will cause blocks and negative experiences in your life.

This exercise is not only important for understanding your own system but for capitalizing on any human system you lead to achieve goals.  No matter which events clients tell me about I can extrapolate their personal themes backwards or forwards to know what likely occurred in their past and to know how they may more sure-footedly and more impactfully proceed into the future.

Future articles will present new ways to use the historical themes of any human system  – a company, country, or humanity – to achieve goals.  It will rewrite leadership, leadership development, organizational development, innovation, project management, change management, talent management, and certainly career management.  Thus, to repeat, there will be advantages to learning all twelve of these categories or patterns or themes of events.

Once you have analyzed your past pattern of events for themes and commonalities, try to develop a prescription or formula for replicating that level of performance in the future.  Then test out your hypothesis and adjust it until your results become predictably successful.  Test out your formula until the expected indicators of operating at your maximum within the maximizing flow increase dramatically.  Once you have confirmed the reliability of your formula in safe ways using less critical goals, then run your work and your career in compliance with it.  Choose goals and projects that will be supported by the maximizing machinery.  Compare your results with projects that you know have not been historically supported.  How early on in an unsupported project are you able to determine it will not be successful and get out of it? 


Some people have a sense since childhood that they are meant to be world-changing.  They are meant to advance the world in a meaningful and impactful way.  If you are one of these people, this exercise has now given you the means to commit to a career at your biological maximum.  It has given you the means to hyper-focus your career on your genius.  It has given you the means to follow in the footsteps of our seven iconic founders of Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, and Apple to create a career which keeps you operating at savant levels around your greatest strengths while continuously improving them.

It has given you your formula for leaving your largest most impactful, most meaningful contribution to the world.  It has given you your formula for serial breakthroughs, serial leaps to genius, serial top-talent flow states, serial frontiering™, and serial growth in functionality and creations.  You have the formula for operating beyond your potential by extending your capabilities with those of nature’s maximizing process for the survival of living systems and indeed all of these systems that it synchronizes and synergizes.  So now the question to ask yourself is what will your career look like from the age of 85 in a rocking chair when you have grown and created at your maximum?

What will be your legacy?  What is the creativity, or the creations, or impact on the world that your greatest talents operating at full power after years of concentrated growth could achieve?  If you could leave any legacy from your personal creativity, talents, and invention, what would that look like?  If you were going to advance the world with your greatest strengths, what would that look like?  Now that you have defined your maximum, it is up to you how much you want to fall short of that maximum for other priorities in your life.  What must you achieve to sit satisfied in your rocking chair at 85?

The Secret Career Strategy of the World’s Most Successful Executives
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Author: Lauren Holmes

As CEO of, Lauren Holmes designs customized companies, projects, jobs, and career and company strategies which will enable people to biologically maximize to achieve goals and impact at their maximum or beyond. Lauren is a biological anthropologist who helps people and companies to superachieve by extending their capabilities with surrounding biological infrastructure with which humans have evolved to partner.  See for more about Lauren's books and articles.

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