The Ultimate Career Strategy

Ultimate Career StrategyWhat do the founders of Amazon, Microsoft,
Apple, Google and Facebook teach us?

Many aspire to the success of iconic founders, Bill Gates (Microsoft), the two Steves: Jobs and Wozniak (Apple), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Larry Page and Sergey Brin (Google), and Jeff Bezos (Amazon).  They have achieved the goals that many pursue in their careers.


Many mistakenly assume that they accumulated their wealth, acclaim, and world-changing breakthroughs by pursuing these rewards directly.  Many therefore try to emulate what their career paths ‘seem’ to have been in order to acquire comparable extrinsic rewards.  They try to follow the discipline and linear formulas prescribed by so many of today’s success gurus.   They are at a loss when their incredible hard work does not pay off as it did for our seven super-achievers.


That is because the elusive success formula these seven share is not what would-be imitators thought.  Rather, it was the serial pursuit of intrinsic rather than extrinsic rewards along a path defined by biological predisposition and preference.  An exercise in my ‘Sourcing Your Savant’ article will help you to identify your personal formula.


In the interim, let’s translate the formula into generic terms that anyone might emulate: Our seven icons applied their strongest most rewarding, most addictive talents to their most meaningful, impactful application for audiences which would value their output the most.  They repetitively broke through frontier after frontier of capability, accomplishment, and impact with those talents and this formula.

Their strongest talents are a constant.  Therefore, their advance will be a nonlinear expansion in capability and impact around that core.  Think widening concentric circles.  In other words, they continuously improved on the thing they do best rather than advancing up a linear ladder to more responsibility, for example.  Rather than ladder-climbing, our seven founders were simply thrust to the top by the expansion of their greatest strengths into widening circles of impact.  Their success was nonlinear.


Yet what I am promoting is not about clichés such as “follow your heart” or “do what you love” or “play to your strengths”.  When you get your personal formula correct as our super seven did, there are biological consequences.  Biological benefits explode exponentially.  We have been identifying a goal state of operating at one’s biological maximum around the use,  improvement, and strengthening of one’s strongest talents.  A plethora of biological mechanisms have evolved to pressure us to operate at this biological maximum to ensure the survival of our species.  So when these biological mechanisms kick in, magic happens.  An overdrive engages.

Addictive drives and emotions activate to pull you to use your strongest talents.  They make what would be work for anyone else into irresistible, compelling, addictive play for you.  Discipline and force become unnecessary to achieve long hours of productivity and peak performance.  This was the day-to-day life of our seven super-achievers.  No wonder they accomplished so much.

Further, one will be merging with nature’s creative process.  Even non-creatives may suddenly wax creative.  The kinds of breakthroughs and flashes of genius experienced by our super-seven increased significantly.  One breakthrough may be life-changing, career-making, and even world-changing.  Imagine the lifetime of leaps these seven founders experienced.  Even coincidences increase to catapult you ahead because they are part of the same information-leap process.  Routine career strategies could never compete with this kind of capability.

In addition, you will spend most of your day in a peak-performance, peak-growth state called flow.  Flow is our maximum state.  Therefore, mechanisms have evolved to addict us to it.  Every time you enter flow when it is focused on the use or improvement of your top talents, your functionality, skill, and knowledge of your craft will increase.  The baseline operation of our iconic founders thus increased over their lifetimes.

There is more in this overdrive state.  Flow is actually an altered state of consciousness.  It will cause your consciousness to expand.  You may better see the interconnectedness of things as a result.  Your work will improve with this perspective.  But more importantly, your cognitive capabilities will increase:  conceptual, abstract, system, and big-picture thinking, for example.  Right-brain activity will also increase significantly.  Synergy with the left brain that most cultures develop better will be maximized.  The result will be whole-brain operation at levels which exceed the sum of the parts.  This further increases what you can achieve.  Prepare to transcend!


Imagine what would happen after decades of upgrading, performing, and achieving at your biological maximum as our seven founders did.  What will your biologically maximized career achieve?  What will ‘your’ Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, Google or Facebook equivalent look like?

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Reset to your Maximum

To Outperform your Potential

Natural maximizing mechanisms will re-engage        The indicators of operating at your maximum will increase      Progressions similar to live models        Increase Top-Talent Flow        Honor your savant formula based on your historical experience        Harness future predictability from past patterns        Best savant exercises for scenario selection        Advance in the direction of increased indicators of operating at your maximum        Your new modus operandi        Follow your savant formula and indicators of your maximum        Participate in proactive breakthrough synthesis        Links about breakthrough synthesis        Scenarios for the employed        Scenarios for the unemployed

Our cultures have taught us to operate as separate biological entities.  This would unfortunately limit our potential to what is within us.  Yet, we have been born into a massive biological machinery.  Systems of mechanisms, processes, and forces have evolved to adapt and maximize all living systems for survival.  Could our potential be extended by that machinery and all the systems it orchestrates?  Indeed it can.  Change the way we operate and the bar for human potential will be raised.

Let’s start by resetting you to your maximum and extended potential.  Use the strategies, targets, tactics, and scenario suggestions here to reinstate your partnership with the adapting, maximizing machinery that evolved us all.  Once re-connected, our true power, potency, and promise are released.  Circuits complete.  Processes partner.  Mechanisms mesh.  Systems synergize and synchronize.  Synchronicities surge.  Coincidences cluster.  Sudden knowledge, sudden creativity and flashes of genius flood in.  Growth processes launch.  Our internal-external human system resurrects.

Once re-connected, natural mechanisms inside and outside of you will pull you to peak performance and beyond.  Let’s begin by identifying methods and scenarios which will trigger adaptive processes to restore you to your true maximum. Let’s empower you with the ability to achieve beyond your potential.  Let’s discover the magnitude of the lifetime legacy with which you might advance our world.


The strategy for this exercise to reset you to your maximum will be simple:  Find a context such as the scenarios suggested below to abruptly quantum leap to operating at your RESET TO YOUR MAXIMUM to outperform your potentialmaximum with the least risk to your existing way of life.  Shift from your limited internal potential as a separate biological entity to your true potential when extended by the maximizing machinery and all of the living systems it orchestrates.

You do not need to be operating at your maximum to couple with the maximizing machinery.  You only need to be moving in its same direction towards your maximization.  When your speed and direction are right, it will feel as if two gears have re-engaged.  The surge in power and potential will be palpable.  Once connected, natural mechanisms and processes will take over.  Nature knows what to do.  Internal and external mechanisms will re-link.  The natural integrity of your system will be restored.  You will be able to outperform your internal potential.


Natural maximizing mechanisms will re-engage
We have evolved addictive drives that biologically bias us to use and improve our greatest strengths.  It is advantageous to the survival of the species that we be biologically biased to peak performance.  The more you comply with the addictive drives we have evolved for it, the more you will want to comply with them.  Therefore we need only put you into a scenario in which you begin operating at your maximum and natural mechanisms will work to sustain you at that maximum.

The indicators of operating at your maximum will increase
Merging with the maximizing machinery will increase your experience of the following:

  • Serial top-talent flow states
  • Facilitating events
  • Emotional highs
  • Events in which you operate at full power
  • Your impact on the world
  • Your advance of it through creativity and creation
  • Savant-like Information leaps inside or outside of you:
    • serial coincidences and other facilitators that speed/enhance your progress
    • serial breakthroughs:
      • Aha!” and “Eureka!” events, flashes of genius, epiphanies
      • sudden knowledge, sudden insight, intuitive leaps, enlightenment
      • sudden creativity, sudden creation, creative inspirations
  • leaps to emotional highs
  • Savant-like performance leaps and achieving beyond your norm
  • Scaling of new frontiers
  • Bringing the new into existence
  • Serendipitous projects accelerated as if by magic
  • Activities which are addictive and difficult to resist
  • Activities that are intrinsically rewarding
  • The pull of addictive drives pulling you to use and improve your strongest talents
  • The pull of addictive drives pulling you to top-talent flow states
  • The pull of your knowledge-pursuit, creation-pursuit, frontier-pursuit, and core-expansion drives
  • The clarity of the pathway of your maximum path of lifetime impact

Progressions similar to live models of the target maximums will be evident
Real life examples help to identify what we are expecting to happen once you reset to your maximum in your selected scenario.  Previous articles have examined the careers of seven icons  –  Bill Gates, the two Steves, Jobs and Wozniak, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page, Sergey Brin, and Jeff Bezos, the founders of Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Google, and Amazon, respectively.  They are examples of biologically maximized careers based on addictive drives to using and improving the greatest talents of each.  Their careers are peppered with world-changing breakthroughs reflective of savant states that emerge from synchronizing with the maximizing machinery.

We learned how the compliance of these seven icons to biological maximizing processes caused them to lead addictive careers of serial breakthroughs, serial frontiering™ or scaling of new frontiers, serial growth, serial creations, serial emotional highs, and serial flow states.  Even a few such breakthroughs have made careers life-changing and world-changing.  What could your career become with serial breakthroughs and sudden-knowledge leaps such as flashes of genius, “Aha!” and “Eureka!” events, sudden insights, sudden knowledge, sudden creativity, creative inspirations, intuitive leaps, epiphanies, and enlightenment.  Even those of ordinary intelligence may cultivate such savantism?


Increase Top-Talent Flow
We have determined the strategy and the targets of our reset exercise.  It is now time to talk implementation.  Your absolute maximum is a peak performance flow state that emerges while you are applying your strongest most gratifying talents to your most meaningful goals benefiting the audience most valuing of your efforts.  If, in the scenario you choose for your reset, you did nothing but spend your day in this top-talent flow state, you would merge with the maximizing machinery effortlessly.  Magically, new functionality and capabilities would emerge.  Serial achievements beyond your potential would become the norm.

Increasing the time you spend in top-talent flow daily is both a target and a tactic.  It is, in fact, the one tactic that will eliminate the need for all of the rest of the below prescribed actions for resetting to your maximum.  It is a way to turn the task over to natural maximizing processes and mechanisms.  This is because flow is yet another addictive drive:  the more you experience it, the more you want to experience it.  This is why it has been a key driver or, perhaps more accurately, attractor of human evolution.

Let me provide some links below to what I have already said in previous articles about this maximum and maximizing flow state so that your target will become clearer:
Magic happens when you stretch your best talents to more impactful achievements over long periods of time.  You repeatedly experience an altered state of consciousness that psychologist Csikszentmihalyi calls flow.  Attention is 100% focused on the activity at hand.  Peak performance and growth are built in.  Time, space, and even self-awareness cease to exist.  Flow is intrinsically rewarding.  It too is an addictive drive that will raise your baseline functionality as it did with our super-seven.”
The Triggering of Cascading Functionality Upgrades
Flow maximizes instantly
Your maximum flow:  top-talent flow
Sudden savantism through top-talent flow
Growth through top-talent flow
New meta-skills from extensive top-talent flow experience
Flow is our internal breakthrough synthesis
Serial top-talent flows or serial internal maximizations
Theme of Top-Talent Flow States

Top-talent flow will be the ultimate goal for any of the scenarios below that you might choose to facilitate your reset to your maximum.  However, should this maximum state elude you, there are alternative approaches which will enable you to re-engage with the maximizing machinery that evolved us.  Again, you do not need to be operating at your maximum for your system to merge with the maximizing machinery.  You only need to be moving in the same direction towards maximization.  

Honor your savant formula based on your historical experience.
     Harness future predictability from past patterns
You may easily know your target maximum state for this exercise from an inventory of your experiences of your maximum in your past.  Your Sourcing-Your-Savant exercise findings provide you with the formula for when the maximizing machinery has and has not supported your progress in your past and hence when it will and will not support you in the future.  This formula defines when coincidences, breakthroughs, flashes of genius, sudden knowledge, sudden creativity, and other such flow events will catapult you to peak performance in your selected scenario.  Therefore, your savant formula will tell you precisely the design requirements for a scenario for reconnecting you to the maximizing machinery.
     Best savant exercises for scenario selection
There are certain themes or patterns of past events that are likely to be the most advantageous for selecting and operating in your ideal scenario for resetting to your maximum.  For most people, these include:  your unpaid-work theme and your knowledge-pursuit, creation-pursuit, and frontier-pursuit themes.  And, of course, your top-talent flow theme will be invaluable since that is the target state we want to increase in any scenario you choose.  There is no point in trying to work against what you find in your historical data.  Choose your scenario accordingly.

Advance in the direction of increased indicators of operating at your maximum
The very capabilities that you expect to have at your maximum are not just the targets.  They are also the tell-tale signs to follow moment-by-moment to arrive at this maximum.  They tell you that you are moving in the right direction.  Follow the indicators of your maximum state and you will automatically be re-integrated into the maximizing machinery and taken to your maximum in one seamless process.  

The criteria used to identify past events of operating at your maximum for the Sourcing-Your-Savant analyses, are the same signals that you will be following to guide you within the scenario you.  When these signposts are not in evidence, you will need to take safe actions in any direction until you find them again.   You might have zigged when the maximizing machinery zagged.

Your new modus operandi
.       Follow your savant formula and indicators of your maximum
You may recall that this is the thrust of the section entitled why you want to Learn All Twelve Categories:
“There is an important reason why you will eventually want to investigate all twelve categories.  This is because this will not be a one-time exercise.  It will become your new routine modus operandi.  You will analyze immediate events as they happen to choose the direction that will keep you hugging the flow of the maximizing process.  Repeating the exercise for more current events will be the way you will read, merge into, and capitalize on the maximizing machinery going forward.These twelve analyses will provide the information that you need for your daily decision-making, goal-setting, and goal achievement.”

If we are resetting you to your maximum then operating in this way will become your new way of life.  You will always want to be directed by the signals of the maximizing machinery.  There would be little point to resetting to your maximum if it was not your intent to sustain that maximum.  Now you know how to do that.  You are ready to make the paradigm shift.

.       Participate in proactive breakthrough synthesis

Let me offer a little more insight into your new modus operandi.  You will be partnering with a nonlinear opportunistic maximizing machinery that is synchronizing and synergizing all living systems for survival and adaptation.  The creativity it uses to resolve maximizing challenges is something I have coined ‘breakthrough synthesis’ in previous articles.

Breakthrough synthesis is the perpetual process of re-combining existing information systems to create a new information system.  Serial breakthrough synthesis is the recognizable serial quantum leap process which underlies all biological evolution.  It is what generates the leaps I often speak of such as coincidences externally and leaps internally such as breakthroughs, flashes of genius, sudden savantism, sudden knowledge, sudden creativity, and sudden flow states.  This is the process you are merging with when you reclaim your membership in a massive biological machinery.  One goal is to tap into the breakthroughs to accelerate your progress to your goals.  However, there is also an opportunity for you to drive this breakthrough synthesis to achieve larger more innovative goals faster.  Future articles will help you to develop this expertise.

For the purpose of this paradigm shift or quantum leap to your maximum, it is worth imagining that it will take you three to seven coincidences in order to have the information pieces to recombine into a new information system that enables you to achieve your goal.  You will want to be vigilant in letting yourself be guided by the machinery to colliding with the necessary information pieces.  Try not to force yourself to proceed linearly through a known project plan.  Let yourself become nonlinear and opportunistic wherever it is safely possible to experiment.

Even non-creatives and those with less than stellar intelligence will see how to re-combine three to seven information pieces for breakthroughs when they are placed in front of them.  History is riddled with examples.  It is possible for you to become one of them.  Create what has never existed before.  Create your equivalent version of a Google, Facebook, or Apple.

Below are some links to what I have already said in previous articles about breakthrough synthesis:
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Breakthrough synthesis – the new job search / job creation process

As you spend time in your new scenario, growth processes are launched that will continue to raise your baseline performance and functionality for the rest of your life.  In effect, even the information system that is ‘you’ will become an ingredient in breakthrough synthesis.  Even you will be recombined with other information systems to create a new ‘you’ around the innate immutable essence that is you.  It is important to understand that there is no finite arrival at your maximum.  Once your partnership with the maximizing machinery extends your potential externally your potential becomes as infinite as nature.  Given this new breakthrough modus operandi, true human potential is as yet unquantified.

Additional miscellaneous tactics for the reset-to-your-maximum exercise

Some additional rules of engagement will ensure the success of your foray into a scenario for your reset to your maximum:

    1. Your work in your chosen scenario must impact or advance reality or the outside world in some way.
  1. Any action you take should elicit indicators that you are moving towards maximization:  top-talent flow     b.   emotional highs     c.   coincidences, leaps, and facilitating events
  2. Comply with the historical evidence:  Pursue those directions and elements that the machinery supports.  Exclude the things it has not historically supported.
  3. As a novice, avoid emotionally-charged goals until your expertise and proficiency improve.  For many this will mean you should not set goals for money, valuing, acceptance and inclusion to compensate for abandonment and exclusion, and abundance to compensate for scarcity.
  4. Protect your system integrity at all costs.  Where possible, take safe experimental actions only.  There is no need to take risks to re-integrate into the maximizing machinery.  Risks should be considered ‘blocks’ to routes you were considering.  Keep the same end-goal but find another route or a better time when the machinery is more receptive.
  5. Watch for facilitating events or gates to open up to show you the best direction in which to proceed.   You should thrill to the prospect of your next action or do not take it.  There should be coincidences, leaps and flow events to facilitate your progress in the adaptive direction for you.  Alternatively, if there are blocks, even internal ones such as negative emotions, stop.  Find a better route to your goal which appears to be supported by the machinery.  Nothing should need force.
  6. However, never leave a flow event or coincidence unexplored.  These are created by opportunities for synergy with other living systems.  Take safe actions to find those opportunities.   They indicate the adaptive direction for your system.
  7. Keep non-play elements to a minimum.  Honor your goal if you must choose between your goal and the goal of your scenario – a charity, for example.  It is important not to be pulled off-track.  You may already have that situation at work so your scenario needs to be a safe free environment where you can meet your maximizing goals.
  8. It is okay to take action with the signposts of the maximizing flow without knowing precisely what your goal is.  An emotional blueprint or how your arrival at a goal will feel is sufficient.

Reset Scenarios

to Reset to their Maximum by achieving sustained or serial top-talent flow

These scenarios suggest contexts conducive to releasing you to reintegrate with nature’s adaptation machinery.  Once you begin moving in the direction of your maximum, there will come a point of critical mass.  Nature will take over and begin pulling you to your maximum and into adaptive directions.  Nature’s maximizing machinery will begin grouping your system to advantage for synergies and synchronizing.  For those who are employed, it is still possible to free yourself to reset to your maximum.  Where possible, however, you should keep risks to your current employment status to a minimum until your expertise develops.

Scenario 1:    Redesign your existing job

If employed, your ideal method to reset to your maximum is to re-design your existing job to comply with your natural growth path and the direction the maximizing machinery has historically pressured your system to progress.  If this cannot be done directly, perhaps the following strategies might be used:

  • Add special projects to your job, especially skunkworks or new ventures.  Top-talent flow can only be experienced if you are advancing through new challenges and creations.
  • Join projects elsewhere within your employer
  • Partner with companies that do business with your employer or create projects around the interface
  • Create charitable ventures for your employer’s corporate giving program which require your strongest talents
  • Seek secondments to governments or companies/organizations surrounding your employer which will benefit both sides and yourself.
Scenario 2:    Take a different job within your current employer that already exists
Scenario 3:    Create a new job within your employer
Scenario 4:    Create a new project or new venture within your current employer

Ideally these will become part of your existing job as part of the job redesign sought in Scenario 1.  However, if necessary, work outside of your job on perhaps initially unsanctioned projects until they have advanced enough to be supported by your employer and become part of your job or create a new job ideal for you.

Scenario 5:    Take an active Board of Director position with an outside company

This will let you do the work you were designed to do without leaving your employer

Scenario 6:    Work for a charity or not-for-profit after work

Ideally this could be a role sponsored by your current employer as part of their corporate giving program identified in the redesign of your job in Scenario 1.  However, it may be necessary to create a new context conducive to resetting to your maximum which is unrelated to your current job or employer.
Caution:  For the goals of this exercise, it is important to not be dragged into work which is not related to resetting your system to its maximum.  Unfortunately, one must recognize that the needs of the have-nots in this world are infinite.  You are taking on this additional work to reset to your maximum in a meaningful way.  It is best to restrict the gift you are prepared to give to the giving of your strongest talents applied to your most rewarding and valued work at your maximum.  This benefits both sides of the equation while energizing rather than depleting you.  The resulting partnership with the maximizing machinery will reposition you to a more adaptive context long-term.

Scenario 7:    Cultivate a hobby outside of work in which you can maximize

There is the possibility that breakthrough synthesis may find a way for your hobby or home studies to eventually become your source of revenue and ultimately your career.  Remember to choose your hobbies to comply with your unpaid work drives, and creation-pursuit, growth-pursuit, frontiering-pursuit, and top-talent flow drives.  So many fabulous careers have been launched in a home garage.

Scenario 8:    Research projects undertaken for your employer

These projects should comply with your knowledge-pursuit, creation-pursuit, and frontiering-pursuit drives.  Achieving breakthroughs that will advance your employer or your industry will advance your career, upgrade your worth to your employer, and become the driver of your biologically maximized career.  So many phenomenal careers have begun with a single breakthrough.

Scenario 9:    Give Speeches.  Write books.  Blog.  Teach.  Pursue a field of study.

The preparation and delivery of material you are passionate about developing within the territory of your strongest talents will pull you into serial top-talent flow states.  This will give you access to the magic associated with coupling with the maximizing machinery and its serial breakthrough synthesis.  Even a few breakthroughs may be career-changing, life-changing, and even world-changing.

and possibly the EMPLOYED)
to Reset to their Maximum by achieving sustained or serial top-talent flow

This collection of scenarios for resetting to your maximum capitalizes on the increased flexibility of the unemployed.  The scenarios are grouped into two categories:
Scenarios 1-4:  This set of contexts for biologically normalizing include assembling a company, buying a company, starting a company, or borrowing a company or job
Scenarios 5-7:  This second category of scenarios is fashioned directly from the seven iconic founders of Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, and Amazon we have been examining in earlier articles.  It is about releasing to your natural drives for growth, creation, frontiering™, and learning until you are able to commercialize them into paid play, often with the creation of a new field or frontier.  This is the means to achieve your maximum lifetime legacy and really explore the outer limits of your capabilities.

Scenario 1:  Assemble a mature virtual company from existing components:
companies, firms, professionals, technology, information systems, contractors, consultants, workforces, skills, and such.

This is one of my favourite techniques for quickly resetting my outplacement clients to their maximum to accelerate their job search process.  A virtual organization is assembled to provide the perfect context to replicate one’s past maximum events.  It should therefore comply with your findings from your Sourcing-Your-Savant exercise:  your unpaid work, creation-pursuit, frontier-pursuit, and core-expansion themes and especially your historical formula for top-talent flow.  Anything that does not help you to persist in serial top-talent flow states is outsourced.  Anything that is more work than play is outsourced.
.        Virtual company design
This scenario is not about starting and growing an entrepreneurial company from scratch.  This is about melding fully operational units together as a mature company.  Nor should this model be used to recreate a lost job.  The job was lost due to system corrections which may have well have been instigated by the adaptivity needs of your own system.  There is little future in trying to go against the flow of the maximizing process.

The maximizing machinery found your de-hiring adaptive for some human system whether that system was yours, the company’s, the market’s, the industry’s, or some other system.  There had to be many thwarting signals consistent with no support by the maximizing machinery that you had to overlook to end up experiencing the surprise loss of your job.  Now that you know what to look for, you will not be blindsided again.  In the future, you will proactively reposition with the signposts of the maximizing machinery to be led out of the old context and into a new more adaptive one.

Coincidences, breakthroughs, flow events, and quantum leaps will catapult you nonlinearly and opportunistically to endgame jobs or the success of this newly created customized virtual organization.  When you have the right design for your system, the virtual company will almost form itself.  There will be magic.  There should be lots of leaps propelling your forward.  So even if you have only an emotional blueprint of the final company design or how it will feel, you can move at top speed to implement it. Partnering with the maximizing machinery will ensure that your natural growth path will become the company’s growth path.

The virtual company is intrinsically rewarding in and of itself.  However it will also be one of the fastest ways to penetrate the hidden job market to close your ideal job.  This will require a separate article to explain.  Suffice it to say that your marketing efforts for selling your virtual company’s services will coincide with selling yourself into your ideal job.

Scenario 2:  Buy a company with private equity

You may not need to create a virtual organization to reset to your maximum.  You may be lucky enough to find a company that will give you your ideal job for operating at your biological maximum and you can simply buy the company.  Look for flows to facilitate finding the right company and blocks to the wrong one.

Scenario 3:  Start an entrepreneurial company along your natural growth path

The design of the company should offer the perfect expression of the maximum you.  The growth path of the company should align with your knowledge-pursuit, creation-pursuit, frontiering-pursuit and core-expansion or growth drives.  The goal is to be paid to achieve your maximum lifetime growth and achievement.

Scenario 4:  Borrow a company and/or a job

An interim employment contract is a great way to normalize to your maximum.  Employment could be at a company, a not-for profit, an association, a charity, or similar.  If there are no interim executive jobs available, it may be advantageous to offer your services for free to speed your reset to your maximum.  Coincidences and breakthroughs may then quickly catapult you to a more permanent arrangement.

Scenario 5:  Free-form work driven by your unleashed top-talent drives:
.                     Unpaid-work , and knowledge-pursuit, creation-pursuit,
.                     frontiering-pursuit, core-expansion, and top-talent flow drives

This is a completely unstructured approach to freeing your day to the above drives in order to advance the world in some way.  This is intrinsically rewarding in and of itself.  However, over time you will begin to scale new frontiers in your top-talent territory.  A plethora of breakthroughs, coincidences, and leaps will pull you in unknown directions which in 20/20 hindsight will appear immensely logical and adaptive.  You will find that your version of Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, or Apple will emerge.

This is a frontiering adventure into new territory or bringing the new into existence.  It is pure serial breakthrough synthesis.  Rather than having a defined structure for a project or entrepreneurial company, this is about being pulled by the drives and passions associated with applying one’s strongest talents until the field, the job, the invention, the discovery, or the company emerges.

Scenario 6:   Analyzing and developing your ‘science’

This is not about true science. This is about the development of a set of rules or procedures or discoveries that will allow those without your innate talent to operate as you do or to accomplish goals you were able to accomplish.  You are seeing my science in these articles.  They capture what I do instinctively so that others without my aptitude may apply it to achieve beyond their potential.  As you analyze how you use your strongest talents you will be increasing your abilities and breaking through new frontiers.  For some, this scenario will allow them to achieve top-talent flow states and reset to their maximum.  It will work for the employed or unemployed.

Scenario 7:  Pursue your lifetime legacy

There are those who know what they want their greatest lifetime legacy to be based on the maximum application of their strongest talents applied to the most worthy cause for the most receptive and valuing audience.  By committing to its achievement using the breakthrough synthesis of the maximizing machinery, you will quickly find that you have reset to your maximum.

Proactive Serial Job Replacement


A Breakthrough, High-Speed, High-GrowthPROACIVE, High-Impact Career Strategy     Accelerated Multi-System Job Search     Free Support for Your Executive Job Search     Biologically Maximized Job Search     Key Job Search Upgrades     Major Differences between Today’s Job Search and Tomorrow’s Biologically Maximized Replacement     Operating as part of a High-Growth System of Systems     Major Improvements in Information Sources     Breakthrough Synthesis – the new job search / job creation process     Nonlinear Job Search     High-Speed Growth


The inefficiencies of today’s job search protocol may leave the majority of executive job searchers jobless for 1 to 2 years.  If we can dramatically shorten that time and remove the challenges, risks, dangers, and damages of the current process, then a powerful new career strategy will become possible.  If we had a high-speed, high-growth, high-impact job search protocol, an accelerated career strategy of serial job replacement™ would be viable.  Serial job replacement™ offers tremendous opportunities for growth, wealth creation, and impact across your career.

For example, a wealth-creation strategy based on serial severance packages and signing bonuses becomes possible.  Each new job may be negotiated at a higher salary level than the scale in which you are currently imprisoned might allow.  Each new job offers new learning opportunities.  Further, if serial job replacement proficiency exists, it becomes less risky to take time off between jobs to grow, pursue fields of interests, raise proficiency, and raise earning potential before negotiating your next position.

For those developing new fields, you could take a break to scale new frontiers before locking into a more lucrative or resource-plenty job context which recognizes your upgraded capabilities or new inventions.  As luck would have it, the new biologically maximized career strategy that we have been investigating has safe serial job replacement™ built into it.  Context changes are integral to the normal system corrections inherent in the perpetual maximizing of systems of living systems.

In the last article we reviewed some of the challenges and weaknesses of today’s job search protocol.  This article will provide a brief overview of a revolutionary replacement protocol.  The key improvements will be highlighted.  Many of the inadequacies of today disappear with a single paradigm shift.  Future articles will provide practical tactics, strategies, and understanding to facilitate using the new paradigm for your job search or indeed any project you want to accelerate and enhance with the power, direction, and capabilities of the maximizing machinery. 


 Most job search protocols assume that you are a separate biological entity.  What if you changed that paradigm?  How would job search transform if you instead exploited the fact that you are integrated with all living systems in synergy and synchronization?  How would it change if you could conscript the capabilities of surrounding systems as well as nature’s machinery of mechanisms, processes, power, forces, and information that keep all biological systems maximized for survival?  Where would your career take you if you rejoined the massive orchestration of all biological systems to maximization and evolution?

We have all seen this maximizing ‘machinery’ in action.  It keeps our internal organs and systems maximized.  Externally, it maximizes systems of systems such as biological ecosystems, stock markets, and economic and sociological systems.  How could we harness this maximizing machinery to expedite and elevate your search for that profoundly gratifying, life-enhancing job?  Executives, by definition, spend their days maximizing systems of systems within their companies and markets.  By and large, they do it in exactly the same way that nature does.  So let’s take a closer look at how you might apply this expertise to capitalize on systems of biological systems.

But before we do, let me first forewarn you that this will not be a tweak here and there to today’s popularized job search protocol.  This will be a complete re-write.  A paradigm shift.  This will be a revolution that will spill over into how you achieve goals in every aspect of your life.  If you are a fan of today’s job search, you may not want to read further.  These strategies cannot work in a paradigm based on biological separation.

The magic happens only when one complies with the systems maximizing mechanisms that have evolved the human race.  Biological mechanisms, processes, and resources not accessible in any other state suddenly become available to you  –  both internally and externally  –  when you operate in your maximized state.  In fact, internal and external mechanisms link up.  Circuits complete as they have evolved together to do.

It is well worth packaging your goals in such a way as to garner the support of this maximizing flow because that support is significant.  The machinery provides the power, the right direction, the right information at the right time, and an abundance of leaps to catapult you ahead.  These leaps vary from information coincidences externally to internal leaps to sudden knowledge, sudden creativity, flashes of genius, and whole-brain savantism.  Included also are leaps to our peak-performance, peak-growth flow states:  our maximized state.


In previous articles, we have been examining the biologically maximized career strategy observable in the lives of such notables as the seven iconic founders of Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, and Facebook.  We want to now build on what you have learned to create a biologically maximized job search protocol.  Let’s see if we cannot replace the hit-and-miss, meaningless, menial, devaluing, and demeaning tasks of today’s job search with a revolutionary approach that is exhilarating, accelerated, nourishing, growth-inciting, targeted, and acutely accurate in its selection of your ideal job.SERIAL JOB REPLACEMENTToday’s job search is externally driven.  It is about selling yourself into the available jobs.  In contrast, the maximizing machinery is dedicated to maximizing your biological predisposition.  It is internally or biologically driven.  Biology pressures us to stretch to apply our strongest talents to creations at increasingly more challenging and impactful levels.  We have evolved addictive drives that biologically bias us to use and improve our strongest strengths to maximize.  The more you comply with these addictive drives, the more you will want to comply with them.

We are therefore, as expected, biologically biased to growth and peak performance because it is advantageous to the survival of the species.  We want to line up our job search strategy and indeed any goal with the direction of this biological bias and predisposition.  Therefore in shifting to a biologically maximized job search, you will be shifting from externally driven selling to internally driven growth.  The new protocol will immediately launch you into a high-growth state from day one.

This is what we observed in the careers of our seven super-achievers, Bill Gates, the two Steves, Jobs and Wozniak , Mark Zuckerberg , Larry Page, Sergey Brin, and Jeff Bezos.  Their careers were defined by their biologically driven growth path.  Their jobs emerged as the ideal next context for that growth to occur.  The jobs emerged as the leaps noted above that are characteristic of partnering with the maximizing machinery:   coincidences, sudden knowledge, and flashes of genius.  Their unprecedented jobs were biologically created as part of the fundamental creative dynamic of the maximizing process:  the re-combining of existing information systems to create new systems.

Alternatively, their jobs were collided with by their growth causing them to be re-grouped with more synergistic systems as part of the self-organizing of the larger system of which they were a part.  An employer, a partner, a customer – these are just biological systems with which it is logical to group you for synergy.  Selling against biological self-organization is unlikely to be successful.  It is smarter to go with the flow.

With the biological commitment to growth and maximization, new functionality will emerge during job search or indeed any time you want to harness the maximizing machinery to achieve goals.  The very meta-skills needed at executive levels are the ones that develop when biologically maximized.  These include improvements to your conceptual, abstract, and big-picture thinking skills, your pattern recognition skills, your creativity, your abilities to deal with ambiguities and unknowns, your expanded consciousness, and more.

You will come out of the job search process with more functionality to bring to your next job.  This is in sharp contrast to today’s job search which tends to deplete people because they are doing administrative work that they do not like.  Today’s job search further undermines most by keeping you from using you career or work talents for one to two years.

All of the indicators of operating at your maximum tracked for the 12 categories of past events for the Sourcing Your Savant exercises are telling you how to proceed at full speed to your next job.  In addition, the Sourcing Your Savant exercises enabled you to identify the kinds of work that maximizing has supported in your past.  You therefore already have the means to choose goals to garner predictable support in the future.

The exercises give you a glimpse of a dynamic order that you can harness in the future to improve your chances of achieving any goal.  They significantly reduce the challenges and risk associated with job search.  Trauma and damage will reduce if you know the safe supported direction.

A you would expect, all 12 categories point you into the same direction.  Therefore, your ideal job will be indicated, for example, by an intersection of your past-event themes of addictive drives drawing you to pursue certain fields of knowledge, creation, frontiers, and/ or unpaid work.  Therefore, you already have the means to adjust your job search process and the job you seek to be able to perform at your maximum to complete a job search in record time.

Positive emotions, passions, and facilitating events will arise as indicators that you are moving in the right direction.  Opposition events will emerge when you are off-path.  The more you have been on-path, the ‘louder’ the messages will be when you slip off it.  They will be an indicator of the body’s rebellion after having experienced the way it was supposed to operate.  We know that your growth path is not linear.  You now have the means to limit the negatives and toxicity often inherent in today’s protocol by moving with the maximizing flow rather than against it.KEY JOB SEARCH UPGRADES



The revolutionary job search protocol I am proposing entails a paradigm shift from the job searcher operating as a separate biological entity to one in which s/he is integrated within and capitalizing upon a system of systems.  It is about driving a biological machinery which operates in predictable, knowable ways to ensure the survival of the majority of living systems.

.     Multi-System Achieving

This machinery or systems of systems is relentless in trying to maximize you through synergy and synchronization with the other living systems it orchestrates.  Therefore, you have a choice.  You can comply with it and capitalize on it or you can fight it.  Who wants to fight upstream against the flow of living systems seeking survival synergistically?  And who wants to be left behind the global trends of synchronized living systems?  How much easier it is to mesh your goals with those of the maximizing process in order to conscript its power and magic.

The Sourcing Your Savant exercises give you insight into your system’s maximum and the kinds of goals the machinery has supported in your past and therefore will support in your future.  Job search will become fast, easy, and fun when you know how to avoid times where you will not be successful and to increase the times that you will experience success.   

If you want to harness the power, capabilities, direction, synergies, synchronization, and information of the maximizing machinery and all of the living systems it orchestrates to support any personal goal, you have only to help it achieve its goals.  You need to be continuously striving to operate at your maximum to align your goals with its goals.  Your career, your job search process, and the job you pursue will all need to align with pressure to maximize your system.

You will also need to recognize that there are other systems relevant to these goals which are also being maximized simultaneously.  The ideal job choice is one in which the employer system provides the best context for your continual expansions while your system is symbiotically pivotal to the expansions and maximizations of the employer system.  The maximizing machinery will promote this synergy among systems.  It will automatically group systems as part of maximizing the larger system of which you and an employer are both a part.  When you merge with the maximizing process you will be pressured to collide with each other through coincidences and leaps.  This will accelerate and enhance the attainment of any goal.

We will therefore want to get it working for your job search process.  That is why the first task after firing is to create work which stretches you to operate at your maximum using your strongest most rewarding talents hopefully in the service of your job search or salary replacement.  This may be the exact opposite of what must happen with today’s job search protocol where you are pressured to begin chasing available jobs.

However, from the high-growth state of maximization, it becomes easy to read signposts as to the pathway to desired jobs or even the correct fit of jobs that are offered.  It will be valuable to be blocked by impediments when you are selling yourself into a job contrary to the biological goals and predispositions of your system.  No one wants a job in which they must continually swim upstream against the current for their system.  No one wants to fight their biology.  Therefore, finessing a sales pitch to get a job contrary to your biological predisposition will either fail immediately or in the short term.

This is not personal.  It is neutral systems maximization.  It is about what is best for the survival of all interacting systems in this system of systems of which you are a part.  The employer’s system, the interviewer’s system, the market system, and your family system may all be relevant.  When you merge with your right configuration of systems for synergy and synchronization, there will be a tell-tale pattern of facilitating signposts or indicators that will confirm you have got it right.

Multi-system achieving is the fundamental paradigm shift which differentiates the new revolutionary protocol for job search.  Merging with the maximizing machinery will not only ensure you are operating at peak performance to conduct your job search.  You are likely to even be able to perform and achieve beyond your potential as your capabilities and information are extended by those of surrounding systems.


  • Shift from stockpiling people (networking) as off-chance information sources to sourcing the right information at the right time via the maximizing machinery
  • Shift to serial information leaps inherent in the maximizing process such as coincidences, breakthroughs, sudden knowledge, sudden creativity, and flashes of genius 
  • Shift to merging with the information sourcing and information creation process that is the essence of the maximizing process

One of the most dramatic differences between today’s job search and the proposed multi-systems approach is the sources of information that each uses.  Networking is the number one strategy promoted for today’s executive job search.  This entails the stockpiling of people on the off-chance that they may be able to either tell you about job opportunities or facilitate introductions for closing a job.  I have discussed this at length in the previous article.

Through partnering with the maximizing process, the proposed protocol provides information in the three ways noted above.  If this indeed proves to be true, 80% of the activity of today’s executive job search protocol will be eliminated.  If networking has not been working for you, now there is an alternative for you to test out.

.         Breakthrough Synthesis  –  the new job search / job creation process

It takes a lot of work to source and sustain a network.  The returns on your efforts are low and by no means guaranteed.  Partnering with the maximizing process offers job seekers the opportunity to source the right information at the right time with very little effort.  Maximizing is really just the process of coming up with creative solutions to improve and adapt systems.  This creativity emerges from the re-combining of existing information systems to create new information systems that are the solutions to maximizing challenges.

I have called this process breakthrough synthesis since leaps or breakthroughs are generated.  It occurs because the larger system of which we are a part groups systems such as us for synergies, resource-sharing and information-sharing.  It orders systems in the same way any CEO would organize company resources.  If we comply with its direction, we will be grouped with the ideal systems for leaps to accelerate our job search or indeed any goal we have aligned with it.

The new job search protocol is therefore partnering with an information sourcing and creation process.  The existing information pieces that will serve as fuel are borrowed from various systems which have been grouped around us for synergies.  Picture this happening as a zipper closing in front of you.

As you move behind the zipper where the borrowed information systems are being re-combined, you will see a dramatic increase in the leaps or new information systems that are its products.  Therefore, you have only to line up your job search goal with this zipper and you will be catapulted to your goal by these coincidences and leaps.  Move your job search to either side of the maximizing zipper and the number of leaps will decrease.

These leaps or new information-system ‘products’ emerge from the ‘zipper link-ups’ as coincidences, flashes of genius, sudden knowledge, and sudden creativity.  The leaps even include shifts into our peak- performance, peak-growth states.  These are the leaps into the altered consciousness of flow states, especially those that emerge from using and improving our strongest, most rewarding, talents on meaningful goals that stretch and challenge them.  This is our maximum state so of course it is the goal state pressured by the maximizing machinery.

.         High-Speed Job Search due to improved information

When you can increase the coincidences helping you to find your job from one or two per month to 20 to 50 per month, you will understand how quickly and efficiently you can locate your next ideal job on your career maximization growth path.  This is a far superior ROI than anything pure networking may help you with.  Further, these leaps are nonlinear.  You may be able to bypass hundreds of linear steps with one information leap.  This is another point of comparison of the current and proposed job search process.  Let’s investigate nonlinearity separately below.


Nature has figured out that nonlinear is faster, safer, more creative, and more serendipitous with a multitude of coincidences and leaps catapulting you forward.  As the next section indicates, even growth is nonlinear.  To operate in partnership with biology, then, you will obviously have to unlearn some cultural things such as requiring goal achievement or growth to be a step-by-step linear progression.

The information leaps of which I have been speaking may bypass hundreds of linear steps to speed you to your goal. They may lead to outcomes which may not be possible to achieve linearly.  And they may even lead to outcomes or ways of achieving your goals which never occurred to you.

These outcomes may not even be a linear extension of your start point.  Rather they may be the product of the process of emergence that is inherent in chaos and catastrophe theory.  This may be better understood by thinking of the popularized butterfly effect:  the sensitive dependence on initial conditions in which a small change at one place in a deterministic nonlinear system may result in large differences in a later state.  Would it not be wonderful to have this process working for your job search?

The nonlinear leaps that are the byproducts of  the maximizing process are able to take you from one stable state to the next thus minimizing damage or trauma to your system. These leaps and nonlinearity offer unexpected corrections to issues with today’s job search process which I identified in the previous article.  Job search will suddenly become efficient, exciting, accelerated and, frankly, FUN.


Even one’s growth path, when partnering with the maximizing process, will be nonlinear.  The application of your strongest talents to challenges that stretch them will always be central to you operating at your maximum.  Therefore growth will constantly be an amplification, an expansion, an intensification of those strongest talents and their impact on reality.  It is not about a linear progression to a new form but leaps to magnifications of existing strengths or predisposition.  Expansions of your essence.  Your core.

This is why I believe serial job replacement will and should become integral to any career strategy.  The more time you spend merged with the maximizing machinery, the faster these expansion leaps occur.  After each one you are likely to want to either re-define your current job or replace it to allow you to continue to stretch to your next frontier of capability.  There is no smarter career or life strategy than to be paid to grow at maximum speed along the path you would pursue anyway given every resource and freedom.

This is what we observed in the careers of the seven iconic founders of Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, and Amazon.  Each lived a biologically maximized career.  Their jobs emerged from their advance through new frontiers of their natural growth paths – even if they had to invent unprecedented jobs to accommodate their growth.  Their careers were not determined externally by what jobs were available but internally based on successive frontiers of expansions that they were biologically pulled to pursue.

Because they were moving behind the maximizing zipper, the jobs usually found them as leaps created by the breakthrough synthesis that is the maximization process.  This is certainly a lot less work than today’s job search process and makes the desired Serial Job Replacement™ career strategy entirely accessible.  This is no doubt music to the ears of any down-trodden job searcher frustrated by the networking approach.

The maximizing machinery itself may initiate this serial job replacement even without you having thought of it.  As the information structure of your system is transformed by a growth expansion, the larger system in which you are housed will group your system with more appropriate systems which have synergy with your newly expanded system.  Nature organizes systems as efficiently as a good CEO would do.  Synergistic systems and especially those which share resources or purpose are grouped together into ‘departments’.

While there are new skills with each growth expansion, there are a multitude of meta-skills which emerge through other aspects of the maximizing process.  Expect to dramatically grow your functionality and especially your executive-level meta-skills during your brief vacation from employment.  In contrast, today’s job search is more likely to devolve you than grow you since you will likely spend 1 to 2 years away from work involving your professional specialization.

Whether you want to launch your biologically maximized career, your job search, or to achieve any goal, you will want to immediately re-center onto your natural core and begin operating at your biological maximum.  This is the way to harness the power, the direction, the capabilities, the information, the leaps, and the magic of the maximizing process that enhances and orchestrates all living systems for survival.  This process will begin in the next article which offers several start scenarios to suit a variety of career situations.

Executive Job Search before biologically maximized
Sourcing Your Savant:  Hyper-Focus your Career on your Genius
Reset to your Maximum to Outperform your Potential.

Sourcing your Savant: Hyper-Focus your Career on your Genius


Releasing your inner savant requires operating at your maximum.  Mechanisms and processes have evolved inside of us and outside which are committed to maximizing living systems for survival.

When one complies with this internal-external ‘machinery’ to allow oneself to be maximized, magic happens.  The internal links with the external.  Circuits inside and out complete.  Processes partner.  Mechanisms mesh.  Systems synergize and synchronize.  Synchronicities surge.  Coincidences cluster to catapult you to your goals.  Results far exceed the linear projection from one’s start point.  The whole becomes greater than the sum of the parts.

Your internal potential is extended by the external capabilities of both the maximizing machinery and the other systems that it orchestrates.  You are able to operate beyond your innate potential.  You have sourced your savant (see The New Career Maximums Part One).  The exercises in this article are designed to identify your personal formula for operating in your savant state.  We need only examine your past savant moments to generate more of them in your future.  Careers have been made through a few flashes of genius.  Worlds have been changed.  Discover your potential planetary footprint before you dilute it for other life and career priorities.


1.  If we removed all restrictions and provided you with every freedom and resource, what could the ‘maximized you’ accomplish?
2.  What is the work for which you are “biologically predisposed to excel” and “biologically predisposed to crave”?
3.  What would your career become if you applied your strongest most rewarding talents on their most meaningful, impactful, and valued application over a lifetime?
4.  What would your career become if those talents were to continuously upgrade over your lifetime at your maximum possible growth rate?
5.  What could you accomplish if you only focused on the application and growth of your strongest talents over a lifetime?

In The Secret Career Strategy of the World’s Most Successful Executives, we learned about the biologically maximized career from the seven iconic founders of Amazon, Microsoft, Google Facebook, and Apple:  Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Mark Zuckerberg, and the two Steves, Jobs and Wozniak, respectively.

In The New Career Maximums Parts One and Two, we discovered that the careers of these seven super-achievers were peppered with world-changing breakthroughs reflective of savant states.  We learned how the compliance of these seven icons to biological maximizing processes led them to lead addictive careers of serial breakthroughs, serial frontiering™ or scaling of new frontiers, serial growth, serial creations, serial emotional highs, and serial flow states caused by operating at their biological maximum applying their strongest, most rewarding talents to their most meaningful creations.

Their sudden-knowledge leaps included flashes of genius, “Aha!” and “Eureka!” events, sudden insights, sudden knowledge, sudden creativity, creative inspirations, intuitive leaps, epiphanies, and enlightenment.  Even a few of these have made careers life-changing and world-changing.  What could your career become with serial breakthroughs?  We learned how and why even those of ordinary intelligence may cultivate this savantism.  Use the unprecedented exercises below to source your inner savant for exceptional work and an exceptional career.


Your maximum state is a constant.  Nature’s processes and mechanisms for maximizing living systems for survival is also a constant.  Therefore the maximizing machinery will be very consistent as to how it pressures your system to operate at its maximum.  Accordingly, it will be predictably consistent as to which projects and work and career goals it will facilitate or thwart.  This predictability is harnessable for greater career success and greater lifetime achievement.   It gives you the means to garner the support of the maximizing process and the systems under its purview to achieve beyond your potential.

If we know how maximizing forces have pressured your system in the past, we will know how they will pressure your system going forward.  You can capitalize on this consistency and predictability.  You can predict the future from your past.  Imagine knowing in advance that a project will succeed or fail.  Predictability enables project and goal selections which will have a greater chance of success.  As a corollary, it also means you will not be damaged by choosing projects that will be opposed by the maximizing flow.  Let’s begin now to examine historically the circumstances around your past peak performances and breakthroughs.  We may then develop a savant formula to repeat, accelerate, and amplify exceptional performance in the future.


Let’s get down to determining your formula for your biologically maximized career.  This exercise is far more powerful than any existing testing for talents or aptitudes.  This is because it is about identifying what nature considers your biological maximum.  We would therefore expect indicators of support by the maximizing machinery to emerge when you are applying your strongest most gratifying talents to their most meaningful, impactful, and valued application.  Your maximum.  You would especially achieve your maximum if you were operating at in a peak performance flow state that has emerged while you are using and improving those top talents.

In this exercise you will analyze one or more of these twelve categories of events from your recent past, or, if necessary, all the way back to your childhood.  This is possible because the formula of each of the twelve categories and all of the twelve will be consistent over your lifetime.  The maximizing machinery is consistent in how it supports and opposes your system because your system has a single maximum and that is its goal state.  You will uncover several consistent patterns of events from your past.  You are about to discover a level of order in your life that you may not have noticed yet.


       Indicators of operating at your maximum

The maximizing machinery’s sole goal is to maximize you.  Anything that will help to accomplish that goal will be supported.  Anything contrary to that goal will be opposed or thwarted in an attempt to pressure you into a better direction for survival.  You can only merge with the maximizing machinery when you are moving in the direction of your maximum.  That is when the magic happens.  Circuits otherwise inaccessible will complete.  In The New Career Maximums Part Two, we learned that there are always clusters of coincidences and other information leaps all along the integrated flow of living systems maximizing and re-maximizing to changing contexts.

       Your formula or strategy for the future
Therefore, we only need to identify those events from your past where there was breakthrough synthesis inside or outside of you.  These events will tell us when you were maximized and integrated into the maximizing flow.  When we analyze these events for themes, we will know when the maximizing flow was supporting you and thus when it will support you in the future.  We will then be able to develop a formula for you to attain your biologically maximized career.  We will have a formula for sourcing your inner savant and getting paid for it.

       Serial top-talent flow states                                  
Any events in which you went into flow state around the use or improvement of strongest, most rewarding talents – your maximum performance – would be examples of you operating at your biological maximum.  They would provide the best indicators of what your formula should be going forward.  There will be lots of indicators of being supported by the machinery in this state.  Examine those events as a model of what to look for.  These top-talent flow states will define your biological maximum.

       You advance reality:  world-changing creativity, creation, upgrades, and innovations
The events you will be studying in your past must all impact, advance, or change reality in some way.  You will find that the maximizing indicators will confirm support for ‘work’ events associated with creativity, innovation, or creation.  We are obviously meant to be creative beings participating in the perpetual creative flow of the maximizing machinery that drives nature.

       Savant-like Information leaps inside or outside of you:
♦  serial coincidences
and other facilitators that speed/enhance progress

♦  serial breakthroughs:
.        ο Aha!” and “Eureka!” events, flashes of genius, epiphanies
.        ο  sudden knowledge, sudden insight, intuitive leaps, enlightenment
.        ο  sudden creativity, sudden creation, creative inspirations
♦  leaps to emotional highs

Your top-talent flow states or maximized state will be filled with breakthrough leaps such as the above.  These leaps belie the creative process that is solving maximizing challenges.  This creative process is one of re-combining existing information systems to create new information systems.

This breakthrough synthesis is the essence of nature’s creativity.  It is how living systems adapt to their environment.  It is how they re-maximize once a context has changed.  These leaps or breakthrough syntheses or maximizing flow that facilitate survival are what you will be looking for in one or more of the twelve categories of pat evens you are about to analyze.  You will be looking for the times that you collided with the breakthrough synthesis of the maximizing machinery for living systems.  The machinery or maximizing flow is what orchestrates you to the right information at the right time for the breakthrough or leap.

Performance leaps and achieving beyond your norm

Events in which we shift into our top-talent flow states are also leaps.  They are leaps to peak performance and peak growth.  They are leaps to altered consciousness.  They are leaps to maximization.  They are leaps to unification in which theoretically 100% of your body’s resources are trained on the activity at hand – an activity that is adaptive for your system.

       Serial frontiering™ into unknown territory
Obviously, if you attached to nature’s breakthrough synthesis, you are going to be continually penetrating new territory.  You will therefore want to look at the kinds of territories that you felt comfortable penetrating the unknown in your past.  That is your internal system telling you what is natural to you as part of your biological maximum.  This is especially true if you are normally fearful of moving into unknown territory.

.      Serendipitous projects accelerated by maximizing magic
You will be looking for past projects or work that seems to complete as if by magic.  These will be events in which the road seems to rise up to meet you.  You will be looking for the themes, the commonalities, and the formulas for these events so you can choose your projects and goals to capitalize on them.  Again, you want to determine what kind of activities, projects, and goals are supported.  You will be looking for the very events that you want to increase in your future.


You are now ready to choose one or more of the below categories to analyze for your best formula for a biologically maximized career which benefits from your savant capabilities.  Twelve categories of events are provided below to give you a way to examine times in your past when you successfully partnered with the maximizing flow.  All twelve categories are interchangeable.   All twelve patterns of events will point you in the same direction.  Therefore, go with the flow.  Choose the one(s) which feel easiest for you or provide you with the most information.


.Investigate twelve interchangeable historical patterns
of events or themes for when maximizing mechanisms
facilitated or opposed your ‘work’-related achievements:

1   Unpaid Work Theme:                      2013 text  
     events of work you crave so much that you would do it for free
2   Two Knowledge Themes:              2013 text   
a)  sudden-knowledge theme:  in what domains do your leaps in sudden knowledge occur?  b)  knowledge-pursuit theme:  the knowledge you naturally crave
4   Frontier-Pursuit Theme:                2013 text    
     events in which you felt compelled to penetrate new unknown territories of growth, learning, creation, and achievement despite fear of the unknown.
5   Two Creativity/Creation Themes: 2013 text    
     a)  sudden-creativity theme:  your pattern of leaps to sudden creativity      b)  creation-pursuit theme:  the creations or creativity you crave or the key creative expression of your system
7   Meaning-Pursuit Theme:              2013 text    
     the meaningful work or contributions you crave to make
8   Top-Talent Flow Theme:               2013 text    
      events where flow state emerged during the application of your strongest most preferred talents.
9   Projects Theme:                            2013 text
.    projects in which maximizing signs occurred:  serial breakthroughs, serial frontiering™, serial top-talent flow events, leaps in knowledge/creativity, positive emotions, coincidences
10 Core-Expansion Theme:             2013 text  

     expansions or intensifications of your system around its core strengths thus increasing its impact on reality
11 Resonance Theme:                      2013 text   
     frequency-sensing events which allowed you to operate in the unknown as if from total knowledge based on frequency sensing.
12 Positive Emotions:                       2013 text    
     events in which passion, excitement, and enthusiasm emerged during work that impacted reality in some way.
     No Themes:                                   2013 text    
.    If you have lived your life directed by external elements (externally referenced) rather than complying with your natural addictive drives internally (internally referenced) you will have less consistent patterns or fewer of them to help you with these life themes exercises.

There is an important reason why you will eventually want to investigate all twelve categories.  This is because this will not be a one-time exercise.  It will become your new routine modus operandi.  You will analyze immediate events as they happen to choose the direction that will keep you hugging the flow of the maximizing process.  Repeating the exercise for more current events will be the way you will read, merge into, and capitalize on the maximizing machinery going forward.

These twelve analyses will provide the information that you need for your daily decision-making, goal-setting, and goal achievement.  You will know what kind of job choices and careers will not work for you.  In addition, models from one category may be more useful for some goals than others.  Therefore, the larger your database of historical models from all twelve categories, the more information you will have to draw on to capitalize on the maximizing machinery daily.  If you feel as if an event is a maximum model from your past but you cannot figure it out, try looking at it from the perspective of some of the other categories.

Your inventory of past models from all twelve categories will give information for you to move safely and expediently into unknown territory where no other information is available.  You will not have to have specific information on the new territory.  You will know you are going in the right direction based on the indicators of the maximizing flow.  You know you will be moving with the trends of all of the systems that the maximizing flow is synchronizing and synergizing.  You will therefore be part of a dynamic stability.  You will be moving with your support systems.  This will make you a frontiering™ expert with maximum adaptivity and creativity.  Try to learn enough from these past events in all twelve categories so that you have the information, power, and ideal direction to succeed at any frontiering™ project you might want to undertake.

Knowing all twelve categories will put you into a better position to apply your greatest talents to make your greatest impact on our world.  You will have more information to amass your greatest physical, emotional, and meaning rewards and leave your greatest legacy.  And, as a corollary, you will also learn where not to pursue goals.  You will have a broader knowledge of what projects will not be supported.  You will know what kind of job choices and careers will not work for you.  You will know what will cause blocks and negative experiences in your life.

This exercise is not only important for understanding your own system but for capitalizing on any human system you lead to achieve goals.  No matter which events clients tell me about I can extrapolate their personal themes backwards or forwards to know what likely occurred in their past and to know how they may more sure-footedly and more impactfully proceed into the future.

Future articles will present new ways to use the historical themes of any human system  – a company, country, or humanity – to achieve goals.  It will rewrite leadership, leadership development, organizational development, innovation, project management, change management, talent management, and certainly career management.  Thus, to repeat, there will be advantages to learning all twelve of these categories or patterns or themes of events.

Once you have analyzed your past pattern of events for themes and commonalities, try to develop a prescription or formula for replicating that level of performance in the future.  Then test out your hypothesis and adjust it until your results become predictably successful.  Test out your formula until the expected indicators of operating at your maximum within the maximizing flow increase dramatically.  Once you have confirmed the reliability of your formula in safe ways using less critical goals, then run your work and your career in compliance with it.  Choose goals and projects that will be supported by the maximizing machinery.  Compare your results with projects that you know have not been historically supported.  How early on in an unsupported project are you able to determine it will not be successful and get out of it? 


Some people have a sense since childhood that they are meant to be world-changing.  They are meant to advance the world in a meaningful and impactful way.  If you are one of these people, this exercise has now given you the means to commit to a career at your biological maximum.  It has given you the means to hyper-focus your career on your genius.  It has given you the means to follow in the footsteps of our seven iconic founders of Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, and Apple to create a career which keeps you operating at savant levels around your greatest strengths while continuously improving them.

It has given you your formula for leaving your largest most impactful, most meaningful contribution to the world.  It has given you your formula for serial breakthroughs, serial leaps to genius, serial top-talent flow states, serial frontiering™, and serial growth in functionality and creations.  You have the formula for operating beyond your potential by extending your capabilities with those of nature’s maximizing process for the survival of living systems and indeed all of these systems that it synchronizes and synergizes.  So now the question to ask yourself is what will your career look like from the age of 85 in a rocking chair when you have grown and created at your maximum?

What will be your legacy?  What is the creativity, or the creations, or impact on the world that your greatest talents operating at full power after years of concentrated growth could achieve?  If you could leave any legacy from your personal creativity, talents, and invention, what would that look like?  If you were going to advance the world with your greatest strengths, what would that look like?  Now that you have defined your maximum, it is up to you how much you want to fall short of that maximum for other priorities in your life.  What must you achieve to sit satisfied in your rocking chair at 85?

The Secret Career Strategy of the World’s Most Successful Executives
The New Career Maximums – Part One – Are you Settling for too Little?
The New Career Maximums – Part Two – Are you Settling for too Little?

The New Career Maximums II

New Career Maximums  - Part Two
New Career MaximumsBREAKTHROUGH SYNTHESIS     Brilliant breakthroughs     Biological breakthrough synthesis     Flow is our internal breakthrough synthesis     Growth internally / Creativity externally     EXPLOIT maximization-linked COINCIDENCES     These coincidences are not psychological or RAS events     THE SCIENCE BEHIND BREAKTHROUGH SYNTHESIS     MASS SYNCHRONIZATION: Trend creation and exploitation    PROFIT FROM THE PREDICTABILITY OF THE MAXIMIZING PROCESS     EMBRACE THE NEW CAREER MAXIMUMS     Emulate the iconic founders of Amazon, Apple, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft     The biologically maximized career     Serial top-talent flows or serial internal maximizations     Serial breakthrough synthesis or serial information creation or serial frontiering™     Brilliant breakthroughs for the ungifted?     Breakthrough synthesis redefines leading?

Our examination of the biologically maximized career continues.  In Part One, we examined the new career maximums possible from exploiting internal elements of the maximizing process that has evolved the human species.  In Part Two, we will discover how the external portion of this process may be exploited to achieve new career maximums.  The external maximizing process provides the fuel for the internal processes.  That fuel is information.  It also provides direction, power, borrowable capabilities and functionality, predictability, synergies, and synchronization with world trends.

We have been examining the careers of seven icons for commonalities:  Bill Gates (Microsoft), Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak (Apple), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Larry Page and Sergey Brin (Google), and Jeff Bezos (Amazon).  What they share is a biologically maximized career.  Discover these new career maximums for yourself.  Their level of world-changing legacy may then become yours.


There is a singular dynamic transaction within nature’s maximizing process which ensures not just the survival of living systems but their synchronized and synergistic advance.  This dynamic is the underlying energetic for growth, adaptation, creativity, and even evolution.  It is an information creation dynamic I will call breakthrough synthesis since something novel is always created.  Breakthrough synthesis re-combines existing information systems to create a new information system. 

Brilliant breakthroughs

The newly manufactured information systems emerge from this breakthrough synthesis as ‘sudden nonlinear creations’ or ‘quantum leaps’.  The highly desirable quantum leaps from Part One all rely on breakthrough synthesisflashes of genius, “Aha!” and “Eureka!” events, sudden insight, sudden knowledge, sudden savantism, sudden creativity, creative inspirations, intuitive leaps, epiphanies, and enlightenment.

These desirable breakthroughs all require the right information fuel at the right time.  This fuel is provided by the external portion of the maximizing machinery.  Even a few such breakthroughs may be sufficient to create a life-changing or even world-changing career.  However, a career of serial breakthroughs may lead to cumulative legacies substantially beyond one’s perceived potential.  Even those of only ordinary intelligence and with little ability to innovate likely have sufficient smarts to re-combine information pieces placed right in front of them by the maximizing process to generate flashes of genius.

Biological breakthrough synthesis

Breakthrough synthesis is not a new tool invented for career advance.  It is a key biological dynamic of maximizing, adaptation, growth, creativity, and evolution.  It synthesizes the creative solutions to the everyday challenges to maximizing living systems for survival.  It is nature’s preferred form of creativity.  Consequently, it is available all around us for us to conscript to achieve bigger goals better.  We can extend our creativity with nature’s to achieve beyond our potential.

Breakthrough synthesis is evident in the genetic synthesis which re-combines the information of our parents and the generations before to create each of us?  Breakthrough synthesis generates the proteins that are the foundation of all living systems.  The synthesis of amino acids into proteins and nucleic acids into genetic material are fundamental to life.  The promising future from these two examples is that they too once appeared to scientists as sudden leaps to a whole which is greater than the sum of its parts.  One day we may know enough about what created our “Eureka!” events that we can make them routine for everyone.

It would be illogical to assume that we, as individual human beings, are exempt from this breakthrough synthesis theme that is advancing all living systems.  Reintegrating into the maximizing machinery that evolved us will restore breakthrough synthesis to us as a career tool for exceptional performance.  But more than this, we, too, are information systems which may be re-combined to create new information systems.  We may therefore play a role as the information fuel, the catalyst, or the creation once we allow ourselves to be orchestrated by the maximizing machinery helping all living systems to survive.

Flow is our internal breakthrough synthesis

This same breakthrough synthesis drives our shifts into our peak-performance, peak-growth flow states.  It is not by accident that the activity of the anterior superior temporal gyrus in the right brain increases during flow.  This is where remote and unconnected associations are brought together and linked in breakthrough synthesis.  In Part One we learned about new career maximums such as this one that are possible through the internal portion of the maximizing machinery.  The external portion provides the fuel for this internal breakthrough synthesis:  the information.

An increase in career-changing breakthroughs is built into flow state.  This is especially true of our top-talent flow states that arise from the application of our strongest, most preferred talents to our most meaningful challenges.  A shift into flow is a leap to maximization.  Flow states therefore automatically integrate us into the maximizing machinery.  The external portion of the machinery then orchestrates us to the right place and time for the information to fuel our internal breakthrough synthesis.  Examine your past top-talent flows to view this process in action.  You now have a formula for generating breakthroughs at will with which to excel.

Growth internally / Creativity externally

Sudden insights and flow states are not alone in being driven by breakthrough synthesis.
      •  Growth is breakthrough synthesis applied internally.
        Creativity is breakthrough synthesis applied externally.
Inward-facing growth is the combining of new information with your existing internal information to create a new you.  Your personal information structure is replaced with a more advanced one.  In exactly the same way, outward-facing creativity incorporates new information into the information structure of the world system to generate a new world system.  Creativity is ‘world growth’, so to speak, no matter who is creating something new.

EXPLOIT maximization-linked COINCIDENCES

Coincidences are yet another of the sudden leaps to new knowledge discussed in the previous section.  They too are products of breakthrough synthesis.  A single coincidence has been responsible for some of the most spectacular careers.  However, a coincidence is also the information fuel for breakthrough synthesis.  Three to seven coincidences or information systems are usually sufficient for the re-mix to create a significant new information system:  an Aha!” or “Eureka!” event, for example.

Coincidences are both the fuel and the product of breakthrough synthesis.  Fortunately, integrating into the maximizing machinery will exponentially explode your experience of coincidences.  How delightful!  These coincidences, of course, will fuel a plethora of career-making breakthrough syntheses.  Your career maximum will increase commensurately.  How one cultivates these catalytic coincidences is an article in itself.  However, here is a brief introduction.

Officially, a coincidence is the simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection.  However, the coincidences that you will be experiencing with this proposed new career maximizing methodology will be causally linked to the maximizing process for your system.  These are maximization-linked coincidences.  Because they will seem serendipitous, the term ‘coincidence’ still works for our purposes.

However, they are actually co-maximizations or synergies among fellow maximizersLiving systems grab information from each other to fuel breakthrough synthesis to generate creative solutions to maximizing or adaptation challenges.  The new information systems created by the re-mix appear as the coincidences in your life.  However, these created coincidences are also the fuel for the next round of breakthrough syntheses or maximizing.  In effect, breakthrough synthesis is the maximizing process.  It both creates coincidences or information systems and uses them.New Career Maximums II

Accordingly, a cluster of coincidences will always indicate the flow of the maximizing process in your reality.  The closer you are to your maximized state, the more compliant you will be to being orchestrated by the maximizing machinery to the right information at the right time for breakthroughs.  The self-ordering nature of the machinery will then group you with the systems best able to provide you with the information you need next.  This will increase the volume and quality of the information coincidences that you will experience.  Your breakthroughs will increase commensurately.

You may recall from Part One that your maximized state is top-talent flow or a flow state that derives from applying your strongest, most preferred, talents to the field or application that is most meaningful to you.  If the coincidences in your life are sparse or nonexistent, then you likely have moved out of the flow of the maximizing process.  You are not maximized.  You are sitting idly on the riverbank with the other unmaximized living systems.  You will have no information fuel for the quantum leaps to career-making breakthroughs, insights, and flashes of genius.

These coincidences are not psychological or RAS events

These maximization-linked coincidences are not simply psychologically meaningful events as psychologist Carl Jung proposed in his 1920s’ definition of ‘synchronicities’.  These are not simply psychological transactions whereby you confer shared meaning on unrelated events.  These are true physical events which result from the shared information pieces from your co-maximizing partners.  These ‘coincidences’ are physical symptoms of the underlying dynamic order of a singular process which might be called ‘maximizing’ or ‘adaptation’ or ‘growth’ or ‘creativity’ or ‘creation’ or ‘emergence’ or ‘self-ordering’ or ‘problem-solving’ or ‘breakthrough synthesis’.

Nor are these coincidences or information quantum leaps or co-maximizations the result of your reticular activating system (RAS) seeing whatever you have been focused on.  Your RAS is your information filter or gatekeeper.  It is the reason why, when you buy the car you have been researching, you will see that model everywhere.  It has evolved to filter thousands of items per second to select the information that you need for survival.  Your RAS may help you to identify the best coincidences for your next breakthrough synthesis.  However, it obviously does not create those coincidences.  It is filtering true physical events.


Part One and Part Two contain biological discoveries and theories by the author resulting from extensive executive interviews, examinations, and experimentations which applied scientific method to the lives of individual executives and, especially, multinational executives.  This has resulted in a new biologically maximized modus operandi for human beings which bypasses cultural interference.

This new way of operating prescribes full integration into biological mechanisms and processes inside and outside of us which have evolved to work together synergistically but which have been culturally overruled.  I have created a link to material that hints at some relevant science to explain in laymen’s terms what enables the breakthrough synthesis to work.  Hopefully, this brief description will suffice until separate articles may be written with more details about the relevant scientific discoveries.
Link to the science behind breakthrough synthesis and maximizing

MASS SYNCHRONIZATION: Trend creation and exploitation 

Mass maximization generates mass synchronization.  Mass maximization provides the ideal synchronized direction for the majority of living systems to survive.  Here are some of the ways this synchronization is created and may be exploited to increase your career potential:

  • The dance of systems maximizing and re-maximizing to each other and their shared context serves to orchestrate a synchronized advance of living systems.  It orchestrates synergies which further synchronize systems.  Mass synchronization groups potentially synergistic systems together to better share resources, assets and functionality.  Your career potential is extended and supplemented by these other systems.
  • These synergies include information sharing for the breakthrough synthesis that will solve respective maximization challenges.  Complying with the maximizing flow will orchestrate you to the right place at the right time to source the information you need to fuel your career-making breakthroughs.
  • Clusters of coincidences will always identify the direction of the synchronized flow.  You will always know where the flow of the maximizing machinery is in your context or your company’s context by the clustering of coincidences and facilitating events.
  • In a world of systems nested within systems, order nested within order, and emergence nested within emergence, the orchestration of compliant systems into synchronization defines world trends.  Complying with the maximizing process then will keep careers, companies, and, indeed, any human systems, at the leading edge of world trends.
  • An added benefit, of course, is that being compliant or being part of the synchronization will ensure that you will also not be fighting against trends as you try to get ahead.  You will not be impeded from achieving your career maximums.  Careers therefore benefit from being integrated into current trends.  Careers gain by complying with the flow to maximization of the larger system of which we are all a part.
  • If you find yourself constantly hitting blocks to your progress or negative frustrating events, you have either fallen out of the mass synchronization or not found it yet.  When you tap into the ongoing maximizing quantum leap process all around you, you can be catapulted to your work or career goals.  It will become apparent how your career may be dramatically amplified and accelerated.
  • Mass synchronization allows you to extend your capabilities with those of other systems and the maximizing machinery itself.  You will then be able to operate beyond your potential to achieve new career maximums.

Merging into nature’s maximizing process causes synchronization as a byproduct.  Synchronization will keep your career and your company leading edge.  It is also a potential new leadership tool for keeping any human systems – companies, countries, and humanity –  moving in lock-step towards your goals.  It is one of several means for multi-system achieving in this proposed new way of biologically maximizing careers.


How much more successful would your career and your life be if you could know whether a project was going to fail or succeed before you even began it?

The maximizing process is knowable, predictable, and ‘harnessable’ – not just generically but personally.  This is because the maximum for your system is a constant.  Therefore, maximizing forces will act on your system in consistent and predictable ways.  Once you discover how they have supported and opposed your system in your past, you can predict how they will react in the future.  You will then know which projects to choose or to avoid to ensure your career success.  The provided exercises will support the review of your past:

Historical patterns of events since your childhood will identify, with shocking consistency, the types of projects favoured by mechanisms that maximize.  It will be no surprise that projects which incite top-talent flow, your maximized state, will be favoured most.  Expect to be catapulted forward by coincidences and flow events.  Breakthrough synthesis will increase dramatically.  You will have the means to achieve bigger goals more successfully.

This is the simple, consistent, predictable, dynamic order that created our seven iconic innovators.  They excelled through a biologically maximized career modus operandi.  Just as models and actors know how to position their face in every scene for the best light, our seven achievers learned to unconsciously position themselves for the flow of breakthrough syntheses and coincidences.  They capitalized on this predictability to achieve at their maximum.

The more contrary you are to your biological maximum, the more you can expect to be impeded by blocks and negative experiences.  The extremes of Steve Jobs’ career offer strong examples of when he was and was not biologically compliant.

Our health, and even our patience, is unforgiving when maximization has been experienced and then lost.  Thwarted creativity in the field of one’s greatest strengths and meaning may turn out to be the key cause of illness in aspiring executives.  It is a mistake for the individual and the world to push a career in opposition to the maximizing flow.

Emulate the iconic founders of Amazon, Apple, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft

Many aspire to the success of our seven super-achievers:  Bill Gates (Microsoft), the two Steves: Jobs and Wozniak (Apple), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Larry Page and Sergey Brin (Google), and Jeff Bezos (Amazon).  They have achieved the goals that many pursue in their careers.  Many mistakenly assume that they accumulated their wealth and acclaim through their pursuit of these rewards directly.  Many therefore try to emulate what their pathways seem to have been in order to acquire comparable extrinsic rewards.

The biologically maximized career

However, the formula these seven successful innovators truly share is a biologically maximized career path.  It was their pursuit of intrinsic rewards that led to the external manifestation of their internal wealth and success.  By operating at their biological maximum, internal and external maximizing mechanisms and processes linked up to enable them to frequently perform beyond their potential.  Functionality, growth, and creativity automatically emerged that are not available when we operate as separate entities.

There is an addictive pull to doing meaningful, challenging work to which we are biologically predisposed.  Only by harnessing a machinery dedicated to our biological maximum may we know our true career potential.  Once you understand the biologically driven career strategy of our seven super-achievers, you realize not only that it is totally replicable in your own life but how to do it.

Serial top-talent flows or serial internal maximizations

Flow state is our maximized state.  In flow we operate at peak performance and peak growth.  We have functionality and capabilities above our norm.  However, the flow states experienced serially by our super seven had them operating 100% in their savant state.

In top-talent flow they applied their strongest most satisfying talents to the work they were biologically predisposed to do and, in fact, biologically addicted to doing.  Internal biological incentives enticed them to operate in serial states of top-talent flow and the serial breakthrough synthesis that is its byproduct.  New functionality perpetually emerged in them with every top-talent flow experience.  They scaled frontier after frontier in their most meaningful field with world-changing consequences – Google, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft and Facebook.

Serial breakthrough synthesis or serial information creation or serial frontiering™

Years of serial breakthroughs in the territory of their strongest, most rewarding, and most addicting talents yielded their incredible career achievements.  This addiction of our seven icons to serial states of top-talent flow was compounded by a second biological addiction.  This addiction was to the frontiering™ or serial breakthrough synthesis that occurred at the frontiers they were scaling.  The cumulative effects of these two benevolent biochemical addictions pulled them to advance our world.  They were sufficiently compelling that the disciplined linear hard work traditionally promoted for career advancement was never required.

The career success of each of our seven iconic founders is defined by their moments of breakthrough synthesis when they re-mixed the known to create the new.  They all had access to seemingly serendipitous information that they synthesized into the breakthroughs that peppered their careers.  Breakthrough synthesis is evolution’s way.  Take a page from nature’s silver linings playbook.  Serial breakthrough synthesis is the modus operandi for a biologically maximized career.

Brilliant breakthroughs for the ungifted?

Is it possible for ordinary people, non-creatives, or the change-adverse to routinely experience effortless epiphanies, brilliant breakthroughs, and fruitful frontiering forays to springboard their careers ahead?  The answer is “Yes!” for those who know how to harness nature’s maximizing process to source then re-combine existing information systems to create new ones.

You will come to know the indicators of the flow of the maximizing process.  Clusters of coincidences are one example.  Over time, it will become progressively easier to follow the indicators to be in the right place at the right time for the next piece of information that you need.  Even normal intelligence will be able to see how to re-mix to create something new when magical information pieces emerge right in front of you.  It will become routine.

  • Could it be that the seven iconic super-achievers who founded Google, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, and Facebook did not need to be as creative, innovative or as brilliant as we might have thought to attain their life-changing and world-changing careers?
  • Could it be that they only needed to be able to source and re-combine existing information systems to create new information systems?
  • Could it be that our seven were, in fact, expert breakthrough synthesizers?
  • Could serial breakthrough synthesis as a way of life have been their shared formula for career success?
  • Could it be yours?
  • Could you become as world-changing as these icons?

Breakthrough synthesis redefines leading?

Managers manage existing human systems.  Leaders penetrate new territory or bring new information systems into existence.  The person with the expertise and passion for penetrating unknown territory will always be the leader.  The person creating the next iteration of the world will always be the leader.  Therefore, breakthrough synthesis will define the leader of the future.

Consequently, our seven iconic executives were leaders even if they never conformed to any of the competencies promoted by the leadership development industry.  Those competencies are just window-dressing.  Breakthrough synthesis is this essence of leadership.  It determines whether you will or will not be the leader.

But there is more.  Revisit the definition of breakthrough synthesis for a moment.  Is not each person an information system which may be re-combined to create a new information system?  Are not all collections of human resources information systems?  Could leadership itself then not be better defined in terms of breakthrough synthesis using human information systems?  This is obviously a whole other chapter of career maximums best saved for a future article.

The Secret Career Strategy of the World’s Most Successful Executives
The New Career Maximums – Part One  Are you settling for too little
Sourcing your Savant:  Hyper-Focus your Career on your Genius

The New Career Maximums I


New Career MaximumsWHAT IS YOUR CAREER MAXIMUM?      What is your biological career potential?   
Exploit biological maximizing for a career beyond your innate potential      Flow maximizes instantly      Your maximum flow:   top-talent flow      Sudden savantism through top-talent flow      Growth through top-talent flow      New meta-skills from extensive top-talent flow experience      Paid growth, paid play – Make your natural growth path your career path

Executives are charged with maximizing corporate resources for corporate gain.  Many mechanisms, processes, procedures and systems have been put in place to discover and achieve maximum returns on corporate resources.  However, one’s personal asset maximization is seldom the focus of career or life strategies.  Few identify their maximum possible career and then pursue it.  Few pursue their maximum lifetime contribution to the advance of the world nor the commensurate tangible and intangible rewards.  However, this is a common regret on the career front for the majority from their retirement rocking chair.


Before I introduce some new potential career maximums, take a moment to determine what you currently consider your highest possible life’s work.  The questions below may spur your thinking:

  1. If you had total freedom and unlimited resources, what creations or footprints would you want to leave over your lifetime?
  2. What work would you dedicate yourself to do to contribute to or advance our world?
  3. Generically, what might your maximum career look like based solely on the continuous application and improvement of your strongest, most rewarding talents?
  4. To what meaningful work would you dedicate your life in the absence of all impediments and distractions?
  5. If we removed all of the demands of family, finances, and the challenges life throws at you, what would be your ultimate career?
  6. If we stripped away all competing “careers” such as parenting, supporting one’s family, a hobby, or a cause, what would be your maximum creative expression?  What are the creations for which you would like to receive your income?
  7. What are your maximum possible lifetime achievements?
  8. What could be your maximum possible career legacy?

In an unrestricted vision of lifetime career maximization, each of us would want to do meaningful work we are passionate about.  We would want to grow in our ability to do that work.  We would want to continuously increase its value and impact.  We would want to apply our greatest talents – the talents we most enjoy – at their maximum to the work which would be most valued by the world and by ourselves.  This is the work which will bring the most tangible and intangible rewards.

In the previous blog, we learned about a biologically addictive ‘paid play’ that pulled seven executives to success:  Bill Gates (Microsoft co-founder), Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak (Apple co-founders), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook founder), Larry Page and Sergey Brin (Google co-founders), and Jeff Bezos (Amazon founder).

Because this ‘paid play’ is driven by addictive drives, the more you do this kind of work, the more you want to do it.  And the more you do it, the better you get at it.  Eventually you will achieve breakthroughs that advance your paid-play domain.  The drives which biologically predispose us to our field of ‘paid playpulled our seven iconic founders to superior performance and accelerated growth.  The result was performance, throughput, and breakthroughs that far exceeded what they could have achieved through the controlling push of discipline.  These superstars were internally or biologically driven.

Let’s have a look at some other biological maximums that you may not have thought to include in your previous determination of your career maximum.  Let’s look at some of the new career maximums that will dramatically upgrade today’s state-of-the-art career strategy.

What is your biological career potential?

Strip away for the moment all of your competing life goals and struggles.  What do you have the potential to accomplish if you applied full power to a singular focus?  What is your true career potential?  What does nature consider your maximum?

A career based on our biological maximum would be dedicated to work to which we are “biologically predisposed to excel” and “biologically predisposed to crave”.  Such maximum work would require us to apply our strongest, most rewarding talents to their maximum.  Our expertise with those talents would continuously upgrade at our maximum possible growth rate.

Our peak performance would be committed to our most valued work.  This is the work for which we will receive the greatest intrinsic and extrinsic rewards.  A biologically maximized career would be defined by the pull of our most addictive ‘paid play’ and ‘paid growth’.  It would be propelled by drives not discipline.

However, more than this, a career based on our biological maximums would comply with and capitalize on the maximizing mechanisms and processes that have evolved human beings.  It would have us reintegrate with the flow of systems synergistically maximizing each other.  It would not have us dissipating energy to oppose that flow.  It would exploit maximizing forces and co-evolving systems so that their capabilities could be added to ours to enable us to achieve beyond our internal potential.

This is precisely what we observe in the careers of the seven accomplished founders of Google, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, and Facebook.

Exploit biological maximizing for a career beyond your innate potential

The human biological imperative seeks the maximization of the individual and the species for survival.  Nature routinely, perpetually, and impartially maximizes human systems for survival.  Over generations, a ‘machinery’ has evolved inside and outside of us to promote this maximization.

Inside, we may observe it maximizing systems within our body for health and performance.  Think especially of the adaptivity of our immune and nervous systems to external elements, for example.  Outside, we see this machinery maximizing stock markets, and economic and sociological systems.

It is only logical to assume that the same forces maximizing systems within a biological ecosystem would also act on each of us.  We are a part of the larger maximizing machinery that evolved us.  If we knew how to capitalize on this machinery, we could raise the bar on our career potential.  We could extend our capabilities with these maximizing mechanisms, systems, processes, and intelligence to operate beyond what we might perceive is our inborn potential.

Only by reintegrating with this maximizing process will we know our true potential and hence our career potential.  

  1. What could you accomplish if you spent decades operating beyond your potential in your strongest domain?  
  2. What would be your career maximum if you spent a lifetime conscripting other systems to achieve bigger goals than you are capable of attaining on your own? 
  3. Where would your career take you if you rejoined the massive orchestration of all biological systems?
  4. If you learned how to exploit this maximizing machinery for your own system and your career, could you not also apply it to maximize any human system to achieve beyond its potential?
  5. Could you not extrapolate the same process to your subordinates, your company, your family, your child, a market, a country, or the system of humanity as a whole?
  6. How much more profoundly capable would you be as an executive leading multi-system companies in multi-system markets?  This too will increase your career maximum.
  7. What business can succeed against a competitor harnessing the maximizing mechanisms of evolution?
  8. What leader would choose to operate contrary to the direction of the evolutionary flow?

Let’s look first at some aspects of maximizing internally in Part One.  In Part Two, we will look at some of the new career maximums possible by exploiting the external portion of the maximizing machinery.

Flashes of genius and sudden savantism

Our seven super-achievers experienced frequent flashes of genius beyond their potential as they complied with their biologically maximized careers.  With some tweaks of biology, it is possible for even those of normal intelligence or less to experience those same spikes of genius.

Let’s compare these moments of brilliance to savant syndrome for a moment.  Savants exhibit extreme talent in the wake of profound disabilities.  A person with below normal intelligence is able to display an exceptional if not prodigious talent or ability in a specific area.  Savants operate at levels that would be unusual even for normal people.

Many were introduced to this exceptional intellectual capacity by the savant star, Raymond, in the popular movie, Rain Man (1988).  The inspiration for Dustin Hoffman’s role came from Kim Peek or “Kimputer” who was born without the thick band of axons connecting the left and right hemispheres. Kim is capable of incredible feats of memory and calculation.  He can recall over 7,600 books and has a nearly complete and up-to-date knowledge of world history, area codes, zip codes, roads and highways and much more.

Savantism appears to emerge when birth, injury, or dementia removes left-brain control of the right brain.  There is evidence that the brain “re-wires” itself to not only avoid damaged areas but to compensate for them.  The exceptional abilities observed in those who acquire savantism later in life do not emerge because of a sudden creation of skills.  Rather, experts believe that what occurs is a release of skills and talents already present.

Since savant syndrome can be acquired, scientists believe that all of us, theoretically, have the potential to become savants.  It appears that each of us may have a super-talent territory or savant domain in which flashes of genius beyond our normal intelligence can be achieved.  Savantism suggests a greater potential of the human brain and how talent and genius may manifest.  Since flashes of genius would upgrade anyone’s career maximum, let’s examine some alternative means to release our own savantism with some adjustments to our modus operandi.

Whole-Brain Savantism

Most of the known savants have been left-brain weak.  This suggests that the level of left brain intelligence will not determine who will experience the flashes of genius we observe in the lives of our seven super-achievers.New Career Maximums II

The left hemisphere of the brain provides logic, reasoning, analysis and objectivity.  It is verbal and rational.  Our right hemisphere is the hub for creativity, novelty, intuition, subjectivity, pattern recognition, and holistic and divergent thinking.  It is your nonverbal and intuitive brain.  It thinks in patterns.  It comprehends pictures and ‘whole things’.  It controls visual, spatial and relational thinking.  It does not comprehend reductions, numbers, letters, or words.

Our goal is not the elimination of the left brain as in savants.  However, the current scientific evidence suggests we will still need the left brain to release control of the right brain.  This can be more advantageously accomplished by an increase in the right brain so that a partnership of both hemispheres can give us whole-brain operation.  Our goal is a synergy in which the whole brain is greater than the sum of its two parts.

One might try allowing the left and right brain to operate simultaneously in parallel or synchronously to achieve this equal partnership.  However, the right brain may be better freed for aspiring novice whole-brainers if one consciously uses alternating applications of right brain then left brain to any project.  This will free the creative right brain for insights and genius without sacrificing left-brain logic and functionality.

Writers, for example, could do one or more freehand, unedited, and unrestricted right-brain passes for creativity, insights, and genius to develop concepts or story.  A left-brain pass would address the logic, editing, grammar and spelling.  Executives could do the same for developing strategic or tactical plans.  However, whole-brain operation is easier to achieve than one might think.  Other options are built into us as part of the maximizing machinery.

Whole-brain operation is a biological maximum.  It is therefore better for the survival of the individual and the species.  Consequently, we have evolved a biological bias to it.  Many mechanisms, processes, and urges have evolved to promote whole-brain operation.  Flow state is one important example internally that will be discussed below.  External mechanisms that promote whole-brain flashes of genius will be revealed in Part Two.  We can learn to bypass or overcome the cultural and corporate interferences that pressure left-brain control.

The “Eureka!” or “Aha!” effect

When normal intelligence is applied to action, implement, or operationalize your periodic ‘smart events’ or breakthroughs, the sum total of your career performance will increase.  Sometimes it only takes one breakthrough to make a career and change the world.  Our seven iconic founders experienced serial breakthroughs as a way of life.  You can too.  Let’s examine internally and externally (Part Two) what will make that new career maximum possible.

The “Eureka!” or “Aha!” effect refers to the common human experience of suddenly understanding a previously incomprehensible problem or concept.  If you source only partial solutions to a problem then you are likely in the midst of a left-brain reasoning process rather than a right-brain “Aha!” event.  This is about sudden knowledge, sudden knowing, and sudden access to new information.

‘Insight’ is the official psychological term in problem solving for instances in which a previously unsolvable puzzle becomes suddenly clear and obvious.  Neuroscience and brain scans have located the part of the right brain in which true insights occur.  The anterior superior temporal gyrus of the right hemisphere is where remote and unconnected associations are brought together and linked.  As you will learn, the gyrus along with the rest of the right brain is activated by flow states.

It is interesting that anecdotal evidence records rapid experience of “Eureka!” events or seeming all-knowingness during near-death experiences (NDE) when cultural interferences have been minimized.  The brain seemingly clicks into its maximized state of coherence and synergy especially with respect to the super-talent or savant domain associated with the strongest talents of each individual.  NDErs experience savantism.  For some, the savantism and bias for this domain survives the near-death experience.

There is an addictiveness to the highs of “Aha!” experiences that pulls you to pursue them again and again.  As they increase in number, the baseline of your intelligence and functionality increases.  Also your knowledge of your savant domain goes up with each breakthrough.  Your career maximum augments accordingly.  In no time at all you are penetrating new frontiers in your field just as the seven super-achievers did with Google, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, and Apple.  Have you been settling?

Flow maximizes instantly

As mentioned, one of the internal mechanisms in the maximizing machinery is flow state.  Psychologist, Mihalyi Csikszentmihalyi, describes flow as our optimal and our most enjoyable experience in his book of the same name (1991).  Flow is our maximized state.  All the body’s resources are trained on the current intrinsically rewarding work.  The biological imperative, then, will seek to have us operate in flow 100% of the time.  Because flow is an addictive, peak-performing and peak-growth state, it is one of the key drivers of human evolution.

To experience this wonderfully rewarding state of flow, one must be stretched beyond one’s previous capabilities.   Therefore, a maximum- or flow-seeking career will go beyond peak performance to peak growth.  We are not only biologically biased to peak performance but to increasing the baseline functionality of that peak performance.  How smart of the human species to have evolved an addictive maximum state that draws us to perpetually transcend ourselves.   Accordingly, the maximum of a flow-focused career would continuously rise as well.

Your maximum flow: top-talent flow

All flow states are not equal in achieving savantism or your biological and career maximums.  Maximization promotes peak performance from peak strengths for peak expression, peak impact, and peak rewards.  Your true maximum flow state will therefore emerge from using and improving your strongest, most addicting, and most rewarding talents in the domain most facilitating for and valuing of their use.  I call these extended periods of operating at your talent-based maximum ‘top-talent flows’.

If you were going to release your inner savant or super-talents, this is the territory in which it/they would emerge.  Just as in savantism, the skills of extraordinary performance are already biologically present rather than having to be cultivated.  Most who acquired savantism later in life never demonstrated their savant domain or super-talent territory prior to the injury or dementia which damaged the left brain thus releasing their right brain to savantism.

Since top-talent flow is our true maximum, we are biologically biased to pursue this intrinsically gratifying state.  This is the flow state most supported by mechanisms, processes, and drives enmeshed within the internal-external maximizing machinery.  It is dramatically more powerful and transformative than any other form of flow.  Accelerated growth, breakthrough creations, new meta-skills, and flashes of genius and savantism are significantly more prevalent.

Exponential magic happens in your top-talent flows.  Now imagine how powerful and transformed our seven founders would be after spending years in these transformative flow states which emerge while they are applying their greatest strengths.  This is what I believe caused the significant accomplishments of our seven achievers.  In many cases, these flow states enabled achievements beyond their innate intelligence.

A majority of the seven had computer, internet, and software work in their childhood or early careers.  Computer programming is particularly compelling for inciting top-talent flow states.  Colloquially, they are called ‘hack mode’, a Zen-like state of total focus.  They are so captivating that many programmers blissfully program all night and forget to eat.  They are so addictive that they not only became the ‘paid play’ of many of our seven founders but fostered an industry of computer and video games.  This is how I believe these seven were pulled to their achievements rather than pressured by a superior discipline or outside force to achieve them.  This suggests an alternative career strategy for those highly disciplined executives who have achieved neither the intrinsic nor extrinsic rewards that they seek.

Sudden savantism through top-talent flow

A person in flow state has alpha brainwaves not unlike those of a Zen monk in meditation.  When in this alpha-intensive state, we can retain cognitive consciousness for far longer than the few seconds of duration characteristic of normal, beta-wave consciousness.  This extended consciousness equips us to solve complex problems, follow extended chains of reasoning, and take on tasks that we simply cannot fit into the transient episodes of normal beta-wave arousal.

Flow states also seem to be more conducive than normal consciousness to activation of the right anterior superior temporal gyrus, the region of the brain associated with intuitive leaps and sudden insight.  It appears that the chatter of beta-wave activity in normal consciousness somehow competes with our “Aha!” circuitry.  In addition, the requirement for stretching beyond one’s previous capabilities to enter into flow, upgrades capabilities and performance towards savant stature.

However, the real power of top-talent flow is that it releases our whole-brain genius to full power.  The right brain is freed from left-brain domination in this maximal flow state.  Thus the triggers of acquired savant syndrome are duplicated.  Whole-brain flow incites the perfect left-brain and right-brain synergy.

Growth through top-talent flow

Flow is a peak-performance and peak-growth state.  Growth is built into flow and particularly top-talent flow because  a) flow is so fulfilling that it becomes addictive,  b) achieving this intrinsically rewarding flow state requires us to be stretched beyond our previous capabilities, and  c) flow is a transforming state.  Learning adds new information to one’s existing system.  However, top-talent flow actually reformulates or re-wires one’s system with new functionality and new potential.

This is what I believe our seven super-achievers experienced.  As a result, they spent their careers operating at peak growth.  Year after year they raised their baseline functionality and the level of impact of their creations and achievements faster than most of us would.  This is what happened with Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook and Apple.  Not all of the founders are as brilliant as what they created.  However, by adhering to the domain to which they are biologically predisposed, achievement beyond expectation was possible.

Year after year, their meta-skills and “Aha!” events increased in top-talent flow so they not only operated beyond their potential, they raised that potential.  Consciousness expanded.  Conceptual skills increased.  So even if Gates, Jobs, Wozniak, Bezos, Brin, Page, and Zuckerberg did not start with genius, it would likely emerge over time.  The skills and meta-skills that developed in the savant domain would spill over into other facets of their life to raise overall performance and intelligence.

For example, one’s ability to break through frontier after frontier in one’s savant domain would provide expertise for penetrating new or unknown territory in other disciplines in which one’s performance was innately inferior.  What would your career maximum be if you never diluted your savant strengths and never left your savant domain?   This is what our seven iconic founders share and demonstrate for us.

New meta-skills from extensive top-talent flow experience

Elevations in consciousness will increase our functionality and meta-skills.  Cognitive skills, for example, will advance.  Operational intelligence will be improved by upgrades in abstract thinking, conceptual thinking, big-picture thinking, systems thinking, strategic thinking, mental agility, adaptivity, pattern recognition, trend perception, environmental scanning, problem re-framing, and ambiguity resolution.  Notice the addition of many right-brain capabilities in particular.

Few educational programs have been effective in developing any of these meta-skills.  However, they upgrade collectively as a paradigm shift when we reintegrate into the maximizing machinery and experience serial top-talent flows.  These kinds of meta-skills are pivotal to executive performance.  Executive career maximums therefore will upgrade significantly with this proposed maximum modus operandi.

Paid growth, paid play – Make your natural growth path your career path

The biologically maximum career would consist of a series of top-talent flow experiences in which you would continuously  a) surpass your previous performance and  b) re-wireNONINEAR EXPANSION GROWTH PATH your system to raise not only your baseline functionality but also your potential.

Our growth path, then, will be a nonlinear amplification or expansion or intensification of our strongest talents to increase their power to impact reality and the precision with which they create.  It will be a growth path in which we are constantly breaking through new frontiers of knowledge, skill, and reality impact in our savant domain.  This accelerated growth path would thus define our maximum career path, biologically speaking.

We have a biological predisposition towards enjoying the application of certain talents more than others.  Therefore, your maximum is innate.  Hence, your growth path will be innate given that nature only seeks to maximize systems for survival.  Therefore your ideal career strategy is one of being paid to grow your most fun talents and to apply them to larger and more meaningful projects
(see figure 1).

Read Part Two to learn more about external maximizing mechanisms and their synergy with internal one’s such as those discussed here in Part One.

Sourcing your Savant:  Hyper-Focus your Career on your Genius
The New Career Maximums – Part Two  Have your Settled for too Little?
The Secret Career Strategy of the World’s Most Successful Executives

Secret Career Strategy of Top Executives

The Secret Career Strategy of the World’s Most Successful Executives

The Pull of Paid Play      The Triggering of Cascading Functionality Upgrades
Performance beyond your Potential            An upgraded modus operandi for the Everyman

Many of us have followed an externally driven career strategy.  Once we take our first career job we choose the next to capitalize on the first.  With repetition, we soon inadvertently commit to a career ladder for our increasing rewards.  We compromise to conform to the requirements of each ladder rung to ensure our climb.

In contrast, those most successful in achieving the rewards to which so many aspire appear to be internally driven.  Examine the lives of super-achievers Bill Gates (Microsoft co-founder), Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak (Apple co-founders), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook founder), Larry Page and Sergey Brin (Google co-founders), and Jeff Bezos (Amazon founder) for this common thread.  Rather than compromising to fit into the next job up the ladder, they create or take the job that provides the ideal next growth-and-achievement context.

This first article in the series will introduce you to how a biologically maximized career strategy will
•  pull you ahead with addictive drives for growth and achievement
•  cause new functionality to emerge, and
•  have you operating at peak performance and beyond.

The Pull of Paid PlaySteven Jobs

For our seven super-achievers, the addictive play of their childhood continued as the paid play of adulthood.  The movie, The Social Network, gives us a glimpse into the addictive play that engaged Zuckerberg’s greatest talents in the creation of Facebook.  Bill Gates’ addictive software wizardry was irresistible play that got him into trouble as a child until it got him into Microsoft and money.

While Bezos’ programming expertise might have launched Amazon, it is his captivation with incessant invention – his true paid play – that has sustained Amazon‘s global prominence.  His brilliance for creative solutions and his need for their challenge were evident from a pre-school age.  Programming, computers and the digital world became tools for his invention.  This resulted in Bezos’ change of venue for his drives to invention from physics to computer science and electrical engineering at Princeton as he narrowed to compliance with his biological bias.  This foreshadowed a further refinement of venue for his addictive invention drives in leaving the safety of the corporate world for the unprecedented world of pure invention that became Amazon.

To others, this addictive play would be work.  But to our super-achievers, this is irresistible play they enjoy so much that they woJeff Bezos - Amazon founderuld do it for free.  It is work that is intrinsically rewarding.  For all of them and for all of us, it is the specific “work” that each of us would want to do if we had unlimited resources and freedom.  It is the work or play that we are innately predisposed to do.  It is thus the grist of our greatest legacy and contribution to the world.

Imagine a career propelled not by discipline or external enforcers but by internal biological drives to use and improve our most addictive and rewarding strengths.

Built into the drives to this addictive play is the pressure to stretch to apply one’s best talents to creations at increasingly more challenging and impactful levels.  We have evolved addictive drives that biologically bias us to use and improve our greatest strengths.  We are biologically biased to peak performance.  It is advantageous to the survival of the species.  The more you comply with the addictive drives we have evolved for it, the more you want to comply with them.

The addictive drives entice one along a lifetime continuum of growth-and-creation iterations:  growing oneself to grow one’s creative impact on the world.  Aligning one’s career strategy with this biological bias yields superior performance and a commensurate increase in internal and external rewards.  It is the ultimate formula for the maximized career and the maximized life. 

Jeff Bezos was surrounded by gifted physicists at Princeton.  While his marks were good, he knew he did not love the work as they did.  He was not maximized by operating in his Bill Gates-Microsoftfield of addictive paid play as they were.  They offered him the model of a maximized career and life founded on their greatest strengths.  Jeff shifted his academic major and his career to achieve this model.  His seemingly multi-faceted career has been one of continuous narrowing to the addictive “invention” drives at his biological foundation.  This is the maximized career strategy promoted in this blog series.

Magic happens when you stretch your best talents to more impactful achievements over long periods of time.  You repeatedly experience an altered state of consciousness that psychologist Csikszentmihalyi calls flow.  Attention is 100% focused on the activity at hand.  Peak performance and growth are built in.  Time, space, and even self-awareness cease to exist.  Flow is intrinsically rewarding.  It too is an addictive drive that will raise your baseline functionality as it did with our super-seven.

The Triggering of Cascading Functionality Upgrades

Repetitive experience of flow arising specifically from the application of your key talents to meaningful work will launch an accelerated growth continuum.  New functionality and meta-skills will emerge.  Therefore, the addictive play of our seven super-achievers inadvertently had them operating at peak performance while triggering continuous increases to their baseline functionality.

For exampThe Biologically Maximized Careerle, the flow state associated with using and improving your key talents expands one’s perspective.  As consciousness expands, the interconnections of all human systems become visible.  The potential for a unified humanity becomes apparent.  Each of the visions of our seven super-achievers was informed by their view of the world from their bouts of expanded consciousness in flow.

This shared perspective pulled Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, and Google through the interim steps we have seen to date to unify and advance our world.  Ponder the breadth of thinking of Page and Brin based on their Google mission statement:
to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.”  A mission “to set up a search engine” could never have inspired the diversification and impact that Google has achieved.

Expanded consciousness causes a chain reaction. Cognitive capabilities increase.  Upgrades occur in conceptual skills, systems thinking, relational thinking, big-picture thinking, pattern recognition, the use of models, theories, and inferences, and abilities for creative and opportunistic problem-solving, adaptivity, and inventiveness.  Does this remind you of the capabilities that emerged over time in our super-seven?

Performance beyond your Potential

The addictive drives that promote the application of one’s strengths have evolved as survival drives for the individual and the species.  They are part of a network of internal and external forces that have evolved throughout nature to maximize living systems forMark Zuckerberg - Facebook survival.  They are an extension of the same forces that keep our internal organs and systems operating at their maximum.

Most of our seven never separated from nature’s network of maximizing forces.  Others, such as Jeff Bezos, re-merged when they turned themselves over to their natural growth-and-creation continuum.  When we comply with our talent-promoting addictive drives we re-integrate with nature’s drives for maximizing systems.  We shift into overdrive.

Circuits inside of us are completed by circuits outside of us to increase our performance for survival.  Our capabilities are extended by nature’s capabilities.  We can perform beyond our potential.  As intelligent as our super-seven are, it is their slips into this internal-external overdrive that resulted in their moments of brilliance.  Even those of average intelligence can achieve the genius of savant status in this biologically compliant state

An upgraded modus operandi for the Everyman

The new method of operation examined in this blog series is a paradigm shift.  It is the true secret career strategy of the world’s most successful executives.  It explains their success in an unprecedented way that everyone may replicate.  It provides one with access to levels of success one may not have thought possible for oneself.  It offers a new route for each of us to make our most meaningful contribution to the advance of the world.

But it also hints at a future modus operandi for humanity.  These seven men did not just discover a better career strategy.  They did not just advance humanity on a better path. They modeled a new level of peak performance accessible to every human being. Explore your biologically maximized career potential in future blogs to push the envelope on your own lifetime achievements and rewards.Steve Jobs

Sourcing your Savant:  Hyper-Focus your Career on your Genius
The New Career Maximums – Part One:  Are you Settling for too Little?
The New Career Maximums – Part Two:  Are you Settling for too Little?