Coach-Client Co-Evolution

Seeing Multiple WorldsHave you experienced it?

Many coaches, in their moments of inspiration, have given profound advice to their clients which was exactly the advice they needed for their own lives.  I will tell you why I think this happens.  I will also hint at how you may selfishly cultivate this handy synergy to accelerate your own problem-solving and growth while giving great coaching.

However, I want to hear from other coaches, mentors, leaders or parents:  Have you ever experienced symbiotic growth with your ‘coachees’ through your own insightful coaching?


Here are the why and how hints that I promised.  I am a biological anthropologist specializing in career and talent maximization.  As such, I am biased towards analyzing how internal and external biological factors influence our nature, behavior, and culture.

I routinely re-integrate clients back into the biological machinery that adapts, evolves, and maximizes us for survival.  By extending their capabilities with adaptive biological mechanisms, processes, and systems, clients are able to achieve beyond their potential.  They are able to achieve bigger goals better and faster.  They are able to penetrate new territories or bring unprecedented creations into existence more quickly, safely, and effectively because that is built into nature’s adaptation process.


Biological systems self-order for improved survival.  Translation:  Nature is a good librarian and CEO.  It groups all living systems into their most advantageous proximity for information-sharing to solve adaptation challenges.  This ordering includes coaches, clients, and solutions.  After all, we too are just information systems.

Rather than being separate entities, we are all elements of a single dynamic information matrix or database.  This database is really just a single integrated flow of living systems continuously re-ordering and synchronizing for synergy to ensure their mutual survival.


Any assumed separation between coach and client then is cultural not biological.  The events in either life inform the other when one releases to nature’s adaptive self-ordering process.  When one complies, one is ushered to the right client at the right time to source the information to adapt or advance both coach and client.  Has anyone experienced this?


As a natural extension then, going with this adaptive flow actually causes a clustering of clients to provide the information required to adapt or maximize the coach’s system and each other.  Needless to say, this clustering is wonderfully efficient from a business and growth perspective.  A coach will be orchestrated to deal with the many sides of a personal growth issue across a multitude of clients if necessary until his/her own system has the information required next to correct, adapt, or advance.


What does this single ordered information matrix mean for your coaching?  There will be patterns of events or information groupings across your life and indeed the lives of all of your clients that are relevant to the maximization of any person in the cluster.  More information means you have better advice, strategies, and insights for your client.  This is very advantageous when there is a multitude of unknowns with which to deal.

These event patterns provide a wealth of new information to make a coach more effective, more insightful, more inspired, more ingenious.  Profound and perhaps life-changing coaching may result.


Now it’s your turn.  What is your experience of these phenomena or absence thereof?  Has seeming serendipity ever crept into your coaching?