Coaching Special Offer

TITLE600An unprecedented offer:  
We  will  design  and  co-create your  biologically  maximized  career
to  enable  you  to achieve  your  greatest  lifetime  impact  and  legacy

We will hyperfocus your career on your genius – 

your strongest, most rewarding, most innovating talents.

This is the formula for not only your greatest achievements
but your greatest emotional, physical, and financial rewards.

Your advance to your maximum lifetime impact can begin today from wherever you are:  Unemployed.  Employed.  In the right job.  In the wrong job.  Retired.  This special offer will quickly launch you in the direction of your biological biases and pre-wiring by resourcefully and adaptively capitalizing on your existing context.  It will launch growth continuums that will continue to increase your functionality for the rest of your life.  This, in turn, will raise the bar on what you can achieve.

Special OfferIf you like what you learn in your free strategy session, continue with your career maximizing process.  Continue to reposition for maximum impact and legacy. For a limited time, pay only $200 each for 5 additional sessions of at least one hour.  This is at least a 60% saving – even more with the first session free.

Sessions are with a top career management powerhouse

Lauren Holmes has a gift for catapulting careers to world-changing status with breakthrough technologies that she has spent a career developing.  She is a biological anthropologist, an executive and career savant, and a peak performance guru.  She is seeking executive or non-executive clients craving accelerated achievement.

This special offer is to help her to test out the latest iteration of her accelerated achievement methodologies that she is refining for her upcoming book, Savanting: Outperforming your Potential. It is a book about using her methods for achieving a biologically maximized career to exceed through serial information leaps of every kind:   breakthroughs, epiphanies, creative inspirations, coincidences, flashes of genius, and innovations.  Some of the most successful careers have been based on a single such breakthrough.  They can be life-changing, career-making, and even world-changing.

Cookie-cutter coaching cannot achieve such heights.  Lauren has the strategic thinking, adaptivity, creativity, agility, ingenuity and passion to partner with clients for them to achieve greatness.  There is a reason why her company has been called Frontiering™.  She helps people to scale new frontiers for themselves and for humanity.  She creatively and intuitively does whatever is required to get you to your maximum impact:

Coaching, consulting, career management and co-execution, strategic planning, project management, leadership, job search, job creation, job redesign, inventing or advancing new frontiers, launching new ventures, or designing custom-fit entrepreneurial companies where your genius will soar.

Need someone to carry you beyond the limits of your vision, skills, and capabilities? 
Take advantage of this special offer to work with Lauren Holmes to discover your true potential.  Discover how to leave your greatest lifetime legacy.  Discover how to work with your biological wiring rather than against it to maximize what you achieve.

BIOLOGY IS THE NEW COMPETITIVE EDGE!Save  yourself  a  spot  today !  This is a limited time offer with limited spaces available.  Contact us to find out more or to book your free strategy session.  All work is confidential and guaranteed to meet your requirements.  Our career maximization services are available globally via telephone and internet.  All payments are simple responses to our emailed PayPal invoices.  Your payment information is never revealed.

The Biologically Maximized Career