SOURCING YOUR SAVANT: Hyper-Focus your Career on your GeniusTheme  of  Top-Talent  Flow  States:
Events where flow state emerged during the
application of your strongest most rewarding talents

Flow is the addictive dynamic that we have evolved to keep the species evolving, adapting, and surviving.  It is a peak-performance and peak-growth state.  As an addicting state of being or altered consciousness,   the more you experience Flow, the more you want to experience it.  The admission price to enter this wonderful emotionally gratifying state is to be stretched beyond your existing capabilities.  Therefore, flow events perpetually advance us.

Top-talent flow is a special subset of this state of being.  It emerges as a result of using and improving one’s greatest talents to do ‘work’ that one is biologically predisposed to pursue.  It is the most meaningful, valued, and gratifying work.  Only components within you that are required for the task at hand are activated.  Peak performance results from the singular focus of all of the body’s resources on the task at hand.  Each top-talent flow state results in increasing functionality, upgraded potential, expanding consciousness, and improving cognitive abilities.

Examine your inventory of flow events over your lifetime.  Omit the ordinary flow states which emerged while you were doing chores or sports, for example.  Instead, select events in which flow state spontaneously emerged while you were applying your greatest talents to make a mark on the world.  In other words, select only those events in which you experienced top-talent flow state while doing compelling work that you were passionate about and which changed reality in some way, or had a physical manifestation outside of you, or left a footprint on the world.

Especially inventory those times in which you slipped into top-talent flow state while scaling a new frontier, penetrating new territory, or invented or created something new.  These themes of top-talent flow events should be a strong indicator of the true creative expression of the core essence of your system.  The will indicate what the maximizing machinery considers your peak or maximum state.  They will identify what nature considers to be your greatest strengths or strongest talents.

The addictive drives underlying your top-talent flow events will include and integrate with your creation-pursuit, knowledge-pursuit, frontier-pursuit, and unpaid-work drives.  They should all link up into the single process that they are.  You will know each theme by any other theme.  Hence each individually and collectively allows you to predict projects and goals that will be supported in the future.  They are interchangeable because they are consistent with the single maximum state of your system.

Coincidences, flashes of genius, and other facilitating events that indicate you are merged with the maximizing flow will increase with any one of them.  Top-talent flow state is your maximized state.  It is the state we are being pressured to attain and sustain by the maximizing machinery.  It is our goal state.  You will want to remember all of the attributes common to your experiences of top-talent flow in your past to help you replicate them in your future.  Develop your formula for getting into top-talent flow state.  If you choose all your major goals to comply with this formula, the ‘internal-external you’ will be operating at your maximum to achieve them.  You will be able to achieve beyond your potential.SOURCING YOUR SAVANT Instructions

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