SOURCING YOUR SAVANT: Hyper-Focus your Career on your GeniusFrontier-Pursuit  Theme:
Events in which you felt compelled to penetrate new unknown territories of growth, learning, creation, and achievement despite fear of the unknown

This is another category of events resulting from addictive drives internally.  This time they relate to our addiction to new frontiers – to new unknown territories for growth, learning, achieving, creating, new functionality, and performance.  The pattern of events for you to analyze to discover a theme or formula consists of those times in which you felt yourself pulled by addictive drives to go into new unknown territory even though you are normally resistant to the unknown.

You are not alone.  Most people are fearful of venturing into the unknown.  However, you are likely to discover something surprising when you investigate frontiering events from your past.  You will likely find that there will be one generic territory where you are not only less fearful of the unknown but you are excited by it.  You are enticed by it.  You are exhilarated by it.

You will take a chance to frontier in this field.  As with the other themes, that field relates to the application and improvement of your top talents to scale the new frontiers.  The pull of the talent-related addictive drives overrides your usual fear of the unknown.  In no time we become pioneers in the territories around our top talents.  We become innovators, creators, and knowledge-pursuit addicts.

You will likely find that your progress in this one territory is supported and accelerated by the signposts of partnering with the maximizing flow.  Between addictive drives internally and ‘drives’ externally, even ordinary people can become able to scale new frontiers to advance the field around your key talents.  You may find your own performance becomes stellar.

The maximizing machinery consists of perpetual frontiering™.  Since we have evolved to be its partner, we have addictive drives which compel us to move into new territory or improve our skills.  Because these frontiering drives are addictive drives, the more you use them the more you will want to use them.  The more you frontier, the more you will want to frontier.  Your courage and boldness, audacity, daringness, and fearlessness will increase with each frontiering experience.

Over time, frontiering skills developed around your key talents will find application in other territories of your life.  Therefore, for this exercise, it is important to differentiate the original talent-based frontiering events that are truly part of your frontiering-pursuit theme from your secondary frontiering events.  The latter are an application of your frontiering expertise rather than a pursuit of new frontiers compelled by your addictive drives.

As you partner with the maximizing flow, the signposts will guide you to safely and quickly scale new frontiers.  The signposts provide information where there is none that you can trust to guide you through the unknown.  Now that you know to look for the maximizing flow, examine successful ventures into unknown territory in your past to provide you with expertise for the future.  Add this new information to your formula for the future peak performance.  Eventually your frontiering skills will be available for use in every territory of your life, not just with the application of your key talents.  You will become the frontiering™ expert this book is designed to help you to become. SOURCING YOUR SAVANT Instructions

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