SOURCING YOUR SAVANT: Hyper-Focus your Career on your GeniusGrowth  or  Core-Expansion  Theme:
Events of expansions or intensifications of your system around its core strengths to achieve greater impact on reality

The pressure to maximize your system promotes a nonlinear growth path.  It pressures you to expand and intensify around the greatest strengths of your system.  It pressures you to expand your core strengths by concentric spheres.  As the core expands and strengthens, so does its impact on reality. Maximizing will always honor the core integrity of a living system.  From the perspective of maximization, growth is a nonlinear increase, magnification, expansion, intensification or amplification of the core strength of the system rather than a linear progression from form A to form B.

The basic configuration of the system remains the same.  Therefore, a human system is maximized around the same core strengths in precisely the same way over its lifetime.  It is maximized around its strongest talents and their associated addictive drives that promote their use.  There is only one system maximum.  The pressures and directions of the maximizing machinery therefore remain constant.  The way they have acted on your system in the past will persist into the future.  There is tremendous power in this predictability.  Also, you will know what nature considers your strongest capabilities and your natural growth path.  You know the direction of your supported creations and how they will increase over time.  These will become the formula for your biologically maximized career path. SOURCING YOUR SAVANT Instructions

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