SOURCING YOUR SAVANT: Hyper-Focus your Career on your GeniusKnowledge-Pursuit   or
Learning-Pursuit  Theme:

Events which identify the theme of knowledge
that you are innately driven to pursue

What is the knowledge you naturally crave?
If you had a computer that could give you all of the information that you are truly passionate about knowing, what is the theme of information you would seek?  What is the field of that information?  Take a look at the times in your past when you exerted great effort to find out new information.  Pay particular attention to those events where all of the pressure to discover this new information came from an insatiable drive to know from inside of you.

You will undoubtedly find that your knowledge-pursuit theme relates to the use and improvement of your top talents.  The same addictive drives motivate both.  Therefore, the more you comply with these drives to pursue this specific field of knowledge, the more you will want to give in to them.  The more you learn about this subject relating to your top talents, the more you will want to learn.  As a result, your knowledge-pursuit theme will be just as compelling as your unpaid work theme.  And your success with the discovery of the desired information will have just as much magic attached.

Clusters of information coincidences, flow events, Aha! experiences, emotional highs, flow states, and synergies will also accompany your pursuit of knowledge in partnership with the maximizing machinery.  The pull, excitement, and fun of the knowledge-pursuit events will be very different than the push, discipline and work that you normally need to do research.  You will be able to easily differentiate the category of events that I am talking about for you to put into your inventory.  The ones we are interested in are light and thrilling.  The other events are heavy, tedious, de-energizing, and have no evidence of support from the maximizing machinery.

The more you use your talent-based knowledge-pursuit addictive drives, the more you will want to use them.  Therefore, over time, knowledge pursuit will become faster, easier, more compelling, more exhilarating, more fun, and less work.  These territories of knowledge will pull you ahead as if you are magnetized by it.  Imagine how much easier university could have been had you chosen your courses based on those territories supported by internal and external maximizing mechanisms.  Imagine how much more rewarding financially and emotionally your career could have been if you were constantly pulled to innovate and create new breakthroughs in your innately-compelled field of knowledge.

In other areas of your life, it might take a tremendous amount of discipline and work to achieve the level of throughput and impact that emerges effortlessly in the territories to which you apply your system of top talents.  You could do extensive research, reading, investigation, trial and error, and experimentation to support the application of your top talents yet it will be fun and compelling and even thrilling.  These are part of maximizing mechanisms inside and outside of us.

If you routinely free yourself to pursue this information you are passionate about knowing, you will begin to see that the maximizing machinery has been pressuring you to build up a science around the application of your top talents or art to scale new frontiers.  The addictive drives underlying your knowledge-pursuit theme also drive most of the other of the twelve themes.  Think how they are pulling the frontiering-pursuit theme, the unpaid-work theme, the creation-pursuit theme, and the core-expansion theme, for example.  Obviously, all of the addictive drives creating the nucleus in your system are linked and all are promoting the use and improvement of your top talents.  The internal and external maximizing mechanisms are part of the same system:  ‘the internal-external you’ or ‘the extended you’.

So if you lived a lifetime honoring your knowledge-pursuit theme, you would be magnetized to learn the next frontier, the next frontier, and the next.  And this is also what the maximizing machinery is pressuring.  Identify the topic of the frontiers you pursue.  Look at the iterations of knowledge-pursuit and creative impact of your top talents on reality.  This is the dynamic foundation that I want for each of you to live your life.

Sudden-Knowledge  Theme:
Events in which spontaneous knowledge suddenly
emerges to support the application of top talents.

In what domains do your leaps in sudden knowledge occur?
While the knowledge-pursuit theme is the result of addictive drives innate and personalized to each of us, the sudden-knowledge theme is a capability available to everyone.  To collect models of this category, recall events in your recent past or all the way back to childhood in which spontaneous knowledge or whole systems of information suddenly downloaded into your head.  You suddenly received precisely the information that you needed next for the work that you were doing.

These events likely occurred when you were doing events of your unpaid-work theme, your creation-pursuit theme, or frontiering-pursuit theme.  Sudden knowledge dramatically accelerates your rate of progress or magnifies the results you are able to achieve.  It is purposeful and relevant to the ways you are advancing reality.

By examining occurrences of sudden knowledge in your past, you can come up with a formula to significantly increase your future experience of sudden knowledge.  That formula will likely be the application of your top talents to scale new frontiers of capability and application while partnered with the maximizing flow.  Events of sudden knowledge occur when you are complying with any or all of the other themes in partnership with the maximizing flow.

You can ultimately expect to have sudden access to the information you need at the time you need it as you pursue talent-based projects, especially in flow state.  Interestingly, this is precisely what has been documented for those who have had near-death experiences which reset them to their natural partnered state.

Sudden-knowledge events may be thought of as information coincidences or quantum leaps in your head.  Whole systems of information or pieces thereof can emerge in your thinking.  Aha! experiences can become routine.  They occur in the same way that information coincidences occur outside of you when you are merged with the maximizing flow.  This, of course, again demonstrates that internal and external maximizing forces comprise a single system.  A single extended ‘you’.

While in the past your sudden-knowledge events were likely nature-initiated quantum leaps, there is no reason why you could not orchestrate future sudden-knowledge events through self-initiated quantum leaps.  If this is a skill you would like to have, pay close attention to the upcoming chapter about quantum leaps.

As you might imagine, the ability to have spontaneous knowledge or to innovate new information systems will significantly increase your expertise for frontiering™.  Sudden knowledge emerges when you have partnered successfully with the master of frontiering™, evolution.  Sudden knowledge occurs when existing information systems are combined to create a new information system.  This is the underlying dynamic of frontiering™ that is the essence of evolution and creativity.  The maximizing machinery is always opportunistically, synergistically, and routinely combining and recombining systems to solve challenges to maximizing systems singly or collectively.

Because the combining of pieces of existing information systems is accomplished by a process called emergence, it is not obvious how the new information came into existence.  Emergence is not linear.  It creates a whole system that is more than the sum of its parts.  It is the dynamic that drives chaos theory.  Emergence makes it seem as if there has been magic or miracles at work.  Rather, it is routine if you follow your personal formula for generating them – a formula which you will discover by examining your own past sudden-knowledge events to identify the shared elements.

As you inventory your sudden-knowledge events, check for subject matter themes.  Are there more occurrences when you are pursuing your knowledge-pursuit or creativity-pursuit or unpaid-work themes?  Did your sudden knowledge multiply and magnify while you were in talent-focused flow state?

Is there a particular field in which your more significant events occurred?  Were you frontiering™ new territory around your top talents?  Were there three to seven information coincidences in your reality just before you experienced a flash of sudden knowledge?  This would mean again that what was going on in your head was a part of process that was going on in the other half of your system embedded in your external maximizing machinery.  The information from the information coincidences was combined in your head to create new information.  This was what caused you to experience a sudden-knowledge event.SOURCING YOUR SAVANT Instructions

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