SOURCING YOUR SAVANT: Hyper-Focus your Career on your GeniusProjects  Theme:
Projects with lots of signposts of support from the maximizing machinery
projects in which maximizing signs occurred:  serial breakthroughs,
serial frontiering™,
serial top-talent flow events, leaps in knowledge/
creativity, positive emotions, coincidences

Discover the projects supported by the maximizing machinery
The historical projects for you to analyze for themes differ from those examined for the unpaid-work, frontier-pursuit, knowledge-pursuit, creation-pursuit, or core-expansion themes.  Those were events and projects which you were internally compelled to do by addictive drives associated with the use and improvement of the top talents.  Those drives are part of the internal maximizing process used to maximize you for survival.

The past events to be analyzed for this exercise are those in which you either chose or were given a project or goal which was not based on the other themes.  These are projects which are independent of the use and improvement of your top talents.  Nonetheless, these projects have all of the signposts indicative of support by the maximizing machinery such as coincidences and breakthroughs.

What we can learn from these successful past projects is how to harness the machinery to ensure the success of future projects.  You want to learn how to drive the whole machinery to accelerate and amplify your project’s success beyond your innate potential.  You want to see how to cultivate coincidences, conscript resources, appropriate assets and capabilities from surrounding systems, and channel the energy and directions of the evolutionary engine to make your future projects even more successful.

Ensure more successful future projects
Now that you know the other eleven themes, you can observe them in action on successful projects in your past.
1.  How did the themes play out?
2.  What projects worked for you and which ones failed?
3.  What did the machinery do to make them succeed or fail?
4.  Look at when the projects went off the path.  Could you now prevent this in the future?
5.  When did they accelerate?  When did they slow or stop?
Examine what is happening inside of you and outside to identify signals for potentially successful projects effectively partnered with the maximizing flow.

This inventory of past projects will help you to choose future projects more effectively, ride out their accelerations, shorten or circumvent their blocks more quickly, correct de-railings more proficiently, and avoid crash-and-burn events entirely.  Learn how to repackage and redirect any project to harness the machinery.  Learn how to reposition projects to trigger your internal addictive drives to pull you forward.  This will change work to fun, engage your greatest functionality, and enable you to operate in peak performance flow state as a way of life.

Now that you know what to look for, your past project experience can teach you how to capitalize on your full internal-external system going forward.  Once you understand how to do this for your own system, you can apply the same analysis and methods for any human system.  You can apply the same approach to corporate systems based on the historical evidence and core strengths of the key players in and around the project. How profitable would a company become if every project it undertook was successful in a big way?

Improve project implementation
If you begin a project and experience no facilitating events, and worse, negative emotions, blocks to your progress and other deterrents, you would have to conclude that this project not going to be supported by the maximizing machinery inside and outside of you.  The results will be predicable if you proceed.  Even if you push through all of the blocks to get to the end of the project, project goals may still not be met.

For example, it may be discovered the goals were wrong, the goals could not be met by the project, the goals were met by some other project first, or the goals are no longer needed.  This is information that the maximizing machinery has that we do not.  However, we can operate as if we have that information by analyzing the signposts of the maximizing flow.

There is a reason why the flow was not supporting the project.  It was not arbitrary.  As you develop your partnership with evolution’s machinery, you may come to know those reasons.  It could be a) the wrong time, b) the wrong project for you, c) out of sync with the flow and trends around you, d) an alternative route is better, or e) danger, and f) the possibility of damage to your system, to name a few.   You will need to make revisions to the project until the symptomatic facilitating events emerge to signal support from the maximizing machinery.

From your analysis of past partnered projects, you will come to know the early feel of projects to pursue and those to avoid.  You will come to know your own personal indicators of a potentially successful project.  There will be a distinct emotional high, a pull, and a knowingness when you are pursuing a potentially partnered project.  There will be a distinct drain in energy and an absence of compelling emotions when you are pursuing an unsupported project.  Examining your personal historical evidence will give you an inventory of indicators that you can draw on in the future.

As you learn how to cultivate coincidences, you can even set up you projects to factor them in to your schedule.  As you become experienced with generating coincidences, you can build earlier deadlines into your projects.  You will know how you can get bigger and better results than you planned on.  You can let your projects move nonlinearly with coincidences and nature-initiated or self-initiated quantum leaps.

Improve project selection
Analysis of this category of past events will help you to better choose the projects and goals which will be supported by the maximizing machinery going forward.  You will know that you can choose projects which will allow you to achieve goals far bigger than the potential of your system would suggest are possible.  The same process applies to all human systems – individuals, companies, countries or humanity as a whole.SOURCING YOUR SAVANT Instructions

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