The Biologically Maximized Career


A breakthrough methodology now makes it possible to attain a biologically maximized career that is life-changing and world-changing.  Your enhanced functionality will include serial flashes of genius, sudden knowledge, sudden creativity, improved conceptual skills and other executive-level meta-skills, performance beyond potential, and a facility for innovation and scaling unknown frontiers.
     The goal is to enable all to make their greatest, most satisfying, and most rewarding contribution to the advance of the world.  If every human resource on the planet was thus maximized, our world would be magnificently transformed.

The Secret Career Strategy of the World’s Most Successful Executives
Find out the career strategy shared by super-achievers Bill Gates (Microsoft co-founder), Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak (Apple co-founders), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook founder), Larry Page and Sergey Brin (Google co-founders), and Jeff Bezos (Amazon founder) and how you can use it to attain their tangible and intangible career rewards.

The New Career Maximums – Part One:  Are you settling for too little?
Learn how to achieve beyond your potential with a biologically maximized career.  Learn how serial breakthroughs and flashes of genius are accessible to all for life-changing and world-changing careers.

The New Career Maximums – Part Two:  Are you settling for too little?
Learn how to sustain serial breakthroughs, serial growth, serial frontiering™, and serial flow states as a way of life to achieve at the level of the iconic founders of Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Google, and Amazon.

Sourcing your Savant:  Hyper-Focus your Career on your Genius
An unprecedented approach lets you discover your personal formula for your biologically maximized career.  An inventory of twelve patterns of events in your past will incredibly all point you in the same direction.  Capitalize on this past predictability for future success.

Executive Job Search  before biologically maximized:  the need for proactive serial job replacement in all career strategy.  The methods, challenges, and damages of today’s job search protocol are examined so that a biologically maximized replacement strategy presented in the next article may be appreciated.  The inefficiencies of today’s job search protocol may leave the majority of executive job searchers jobless for 1 to 2 years.  If we can dramatically shorten that time and remove the challenges, risks, dangers, and damages of the current process, then a new career strategy will become possible.  If we had a high-speed, high-growth, high-impact job search protocol, an accelerated career strategy of serial job replacement™ would be viable.  Serial job replacement™ offers tremendous opportunities for growth, wealth creation, and impact across your career.  This new process for accelerating job search is the same methodology for profound performance for achieving any goal in partnership with the maximizing machinery.

Serial Job Replacement – A Career Game-Changer
This article introduces the promised revolutionary job search protocol that is exhilarating, accelerated, nourishing, growth-inciting, targeted, and acutely accurate in its selection of your ideal job.  It has the speed and efficiency to enable the breakthrough career strategy of the century:  Serial Job Replacement™.  Now job breaks may be proactively sought for accelerated advancement, wealth creation, and growth with the knowledge that job replacement when you are ready will not be a problem.