The New Career Maximums II

New Career Maximums  - Part Two
New Career MaximumsBREAKTHROUGH SYNTHESIS     Brilliant breakthroughs     Biological breakthrough synthesis     Flow is our internal breakthrough synthesis     Growth internally / Creativity externally     EXPLOIT maximization-linked COINCIDENCES     These coincidences are not psychological or RAS events     THE SCIENCE BEHIND BREAKTHROUGH SYNTHESIS     MASS SYNCHRONIZATION: Trend creation and exploitation    PROFIT FROM THE PREDICTABILITY OF THE MAXIMIZING PROCESS     EMBRACE THE NEW CAREER MAXIMUMS     Emulate the iconic founders of Amazon, Apple, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft     The biologically maximized career     Serial top-talent flows or serial internal maximizations     Serial breakthrough synthesis or serial information creation or serial frontiering™     Brilliant breakthroughs for the ungifted?     Breakthrough synthesis redefines leading?

Our examination of the biologically maximized career continues.  In Part One, we examined the new career maximums possible from exploiting internal elements of the maximizing process that has evolved the human species.  In Part Two, we will discover how the external portion of this process may be exploited to achieve new career maximums.  The external maximizing process provides the fuel for the internal processes.  That fuel is information.  It also provides direction, power, borrowable capabilities and functionality, predictability, synergies, and synchronization with world trends.

We have been examining the careers of seven icons for commonalities:  Bill Gates (Microsoft), Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak (Apple), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Larry Page and Sergey Brin (Google), and Jeff Bezos (Amazon).  What they share is a biologically maximized career.  Discover these new career maximums for yourself.  Their level of world-changing legacy may then become yours.


There is a singular dynamic transaction within nature’s maximizing process which ensures not just the survival of living systems but their synchronized and synergistic advance.  This dynamic is the underlying energetic for growth, adaptation, creativity, and even evolution.  It is an information creation dynamic I will call breakthrough synthesis since something novel is always created.  Breakthrough synthesis re-combines existing information systems to create a new information system. 

Brilliant breakthroughs

The newly manufactured information systems emerge from this breakthrough synthesis as ‘sudden nonlinear creations’ or ‘quantum leaps’.  The highly desirable quantum leaps from Part One all rely on breakthrough synthesisflashes of genius, “Aha!” and “Eureka!” events, sudden insight, sudden knowledge, sudden savantism, sudden creativity, creative inspirations, intuitive leaps, epiphanies, and enlightenment.

These desirable breakthroughs all require the right information fuel at the right time.  This fuel is provided by the external portion of the maximizing machinery.  Even a few such breakthroughs may be sufficient to create a life-changing or even world-changing career.  However, a career of serial breakthroughs may lead to cumulative legacies substantially beyond one’s perceived potential.  Even those of only ordinary intelligence and with little ability to innovate likely have sufficient smarts to re-combine information pieces placed right in front of them by the maximizing process to generate flashes of genius.

Biological breakthrough synthesis

Breakthrough synthesis is not a new tool invented for career advance.  It is a key biological dynamic of maximizing, adaptation, growth, creativity, and evolution.  It synthesizes the creative solutions to the everyday challenges to maximizing living systems for survival.  It is nature’s preferred form of creativity.  Consequently, it is available all around us for us to conscript to achieve bigger goals better.  We can extend our creativity with nature’s to achieve beyond our potential.

Breakthrough synthesis is evident in the genetic synthesis which re-combines the information of our parents and the generations before to create each of us?  Breakthrough synthesis generates the proteins that are the foundation of all living systems.  The synthesis of amino acids into proteins and nucleic acids into genetic material are fundamental to life.  The promising future from these two examples is that they too once appeared to scientists as sudden leaps to a whole which is greater than the sum of its parts.  One day we may know enough about what created our “Eureka!” events that we can make them routine for everyone.

It would be illogical to assume that we, as individual human beings, are exempt from this breakthrough synthesis theme that is advancing all living systems.  Reintegrating into the maximizing machinery that evolved us will restore breakthrough synthesis to us as a career tool for exceptional performance.  But more than this, we, too, are information systems which may be re-combined to create new information systems.  We may therefore play a role as the information fuel, the catalyst, or the creation once we allow ourselves to be orchestrated by the maximizing machinery helping all living systems to survive.

Flow is our internal breakthrough synthesis

This same breakthrough synthesis drives our shifts into our peak-performance, peak-growth flow states.  It is not by accident that the activity of the anterior superior temporal gyrus in the right brain increases during flow.  This is where remote and unconnected associations are brought together and linked in breakthrough synthesis.  In Part One we learned about new career maximums such as this one that are possible through the internal portion of the maximizing machinery.  The external portion provides the fuel for this internal breakthrough synthesis:  the information.

An increase in career-changing breakthroughs is built into flow state.  This is especially true of our top-talent flow states that arise from the application of our strongest, most preferred talents to our most meaningful challenges.  A shift into flow is a leap to maximization.  Flow states therefore automatically integrate us into the maximizing machinery.  The external portion of the machinery then orchestrates us to the right place and time for the information to fuel our internal breakthrough synthesis.  Examine your past top-talent flows to view this process in action.  You now have a formula for generating breakthroughs at will with which to excel.

Growth internally / Creativity externally

Sudden insights and flow states are not alone in being driven by breakthrough synthesis.
      •  Growth is breakthrough synthesis applied internally.
        Creativity is breakthrough synthesis applied externally.
Inward-facing growth is the combining of new information with your existing internal information to create a new you.  Your personal information structure is replaced with a more advanced one.  In exactly the same way, outward-facing creativity incorporates new information into the information structure of the world system to generate a new world system.  Creativity is ‘world growth’, so to speak, no matter who is creating something new.

EXPLOIT maximization-linked COINCIDENCES

Coincidences are yet another of the sudden leaps to new knowledge discussed in the previous section.  They too are products of breakthrough synthesis.  A single coincidence has been responsible for some of the most spectacular careers.  However, a coincidence is also the information fuel for breakthrough synthesis.  Three to seven coincidences or information systems are usually sufficient for the re-mix to create a significant new information system:  an Aha!” or “Eureka!” event, for example.

Coincidences are both the fuel and the product of breakthrough synthesis.  Fortunately, integrating into the maximizing machinery will exponentially explode your experience of coincidences.  How delightful!  These coincidences, of course, will fuel a plethora of career-making breakthrough syntheses.  Your career maximum will increase commensurately.  How one cultivates these catalytic coincidences is an article in itself.  However, here is a brief introduction.

Officially, a coincidence is the simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection.  However, the coincidences that you will be experiencing with this proposed new career maximizing methodology will be causally linked to the maximizing process for your system.  These are maximization-linked coincidences.  Because they will seem serendipitous, the term ‘coincidence’ still works for our purposes.

However, they are actually co-maximizations or synergies among fellow maximizersLiving systems grab information from each other to fuel breakthrough synthesis to generate creative solutions to maximizing or adaptation challenges.  The new information systems created by the re-mix appear as the coincidences in your life.  However, these created coincidences are also the fuel for the next round of breakthrough syntheses or maximizing.  In effect, breakthrough synthesis is the maximizing process.  It both creates coincidences or information systems and uses them.New Career Maximums II

Accordingly, a cluster of coincidences will always indicate the flow of the maximizing process in your reality.  The closer you are to your maximized state, the more compliant you will be to being orchestrated by the maximizing machinery to the right information at the right time for breakthroughs.  The self-ordering nature of the machinery will then group you with the systems best able to provide you with the information you need next.  This will increase the volume and quality of the information coincidences that you will experience.  Your breakthroughs will increase commensurately.

You may recall from Part One that your maximized state is top-talent flow or a flow state that derives from applying your strongest, most preferred, talents to the field or application that is most meaningful to you.  If the coincidences in your life are sparse or nonexistent, then you likely have moved out of the flow of the maximizing process.  You are not maximized.  You are sitting idly on the riverbank with the other unmaximized living systems.  You will have no information fuel for the quantum leaps to career-making breakthroughs, insights, and flashes of genius.

These coincidences are not psychological or RAS events

These maximization-linked coincidences are not simply psychologically meaningful events as psychologist Carl Jung proposed in his 1920s’ definition of ‘synchronicities’.  These are not simply psychological transactions whereby you confer shared meaning on unrelated events.  These are true physical events which result from the shared information pieces from your co-maximizing partners.  These ‘coincidences’ are physical symptoms of the underlying dynamic order of a singular process which might be called ‘maximizing’ or ‘adaptation’ or ‘growth’ or ‘creativity’ or ‘creation’ or ‘emergence’ or ‘self-ordering’ or ‘problem-solving’ or ‘breakthrough synthesis’.

Nor are these coincidences or information quantum leaps or co-maximizations the result of your reticular activating system (RAS) seeing whatever you have been focused on.  Your RAS is your information filter or gatekeeper.  It is the reason why, when you buy the car you have been researching, you will see that model everywhere.  It has evolved to filter thousands of items per second to select the information that you need for survival.  Your RAS may help you to identify the best coincidences for your next breakthrough synthesis.  However, it obviously does not create those coincidences.  It is filtering true physical events.


Part One and Part Two contain biological discoveries and theories by the author resulting from extensive executive interviews, examinations, and experimentations which applied scientific method to the lives of individual executives and, especially, multinational executives.  This has resulted in a new biologically maximized modus operandi for human beings which bypasses cultural interference.

This new way of operating prescribes full integration into biological mechanisms and processes inside and outside of us which have evolved to work together synergistically but which have been culturally overruled.  I have created a link to material that hints at some relevant science to explain in laymen’s terms what enables the breakthrough synthesis to work.  Hopefully, this brief description will suffice until separate articles may be written with more details about the relevant scientific discoveries.
Link to the science behind breakthrough synthesis and maximizing

MASS SYNCHRONIZATION: Trend creation and exploitation 

Mass maximization generates mass synchronization.  Mass maximization provides the ideal synchronized direction for the majority of living systems to survive.  Here are some of the ways this synchronization is created and may be exploited to increase your career potential:

  • The dance of systems maximizing and re-maximizing to each other and their shared context serves to orchestrate a synchronized advance of living systems.  It orchestrates synergies which further synchronize systems.  Mass synchronization groups potentially synergistic systems together to better share resources, assets and functionality.  Your career potential is extended and supplemented by these other systems.
  • These synergies include information sharing for the breakthrough synthesis that will solve respective maximization challenges.  Complying with the maximizing flow will orchestrate you to the right place at the right time to source the information you need to fuel your career-making breakthroughs.
  • Clusters of coincidences will always identify the direction of the synchronized flow.  You will always know where the flow of the maximizing machinery is in your context or your company’s context by the clustering of coincidences and facilitating events.
  • In a world of systems nested within systems, order nested within order, and emergence nested within emergence, the orchestration of compliant systems into synchronization defines world trends.  Complying with the maximizing process then will keep careers, companies, and, indeed, any human systems, at the leading edge of world trends.
  • An added benefit, of course, is that being compliant or being part of the synchronization will ensure that you will also not be fighting against trends as you try to get ahead.  You will not be impeded from achieving your career maximums.  Careers therefore benefit from being integrated into current trends.  Careers gain by complying with the flow to maximization of the larger system of which we are all a part.
  • If you find yourself constantly hitting blocks to your progress or negative frustrating events, you have either fallen out of the mass synchronization or not found it yet.  When you tap into the ongoing maximizing quantum leap process all around you, you can be catapulted to your work or career goals.  It will become apparent how your career may be dramatically amplified and accelerated.
  • Mass synchronization allows you to extend your capabilities with those of other systems and the maximizing machinery itself.  You will then be able to operate beyond your potential to achieve new career maximums.

Merging into nature’s maximizing process causes synchronization as a byproduct.  Synchronization will keep your career and your company leading edge.  It is also a potential new leadership tool for keeping any human systems – companies, countries, and humanity –  moving in lock-step towards your goals.  It is one of several means for multi-system achieving in this proposed new way of biologically maximizing careers.


How much more successful would your career and your life be if you could know whether a project was going to fail or succeed before you even began it?

The maximizing process is knowable, predictable, and ‘harnessable’ – not just generically but personally.  This is because the maximum for your system is a constant.  Therefore, maximizing forces will act on your system in consistent and predictable ways.  Once you discover how they have supported and opposed your system in your past, you can predict how they will react in the future.  You will then know which projects to choose or to avoid to ensure your career success.  The provided exercises will support the review of your past:

Historical patterns of events since your childhood will identify, with shocking consistency, the types of projects favoured by mechanisms that maximize.  It will be no surprise that projects which incite top-talent flow, your maximized state, will be favoured most.  Expect to be catapulted forward by coincidences and flow events.  Breakthrough synthesis will increase dramatically.  You will have the means to achieve bigger goals more successfully.

This is the simple, consistent, predictable, dynamic order that created our seven iconic innovators.  They excelled through a biologically maximized career modus operandi.  Just as models and actors know how to position their face in every scene for the best light, our seven achievers learned to unconsciously position themselves for the flow of breakthrough syntheses and coincidences.  They capitalized on this predictability to achieve at their maximum.

The more contrary you are to your biological maximum, the more you can expect to be impeded by blocks and negative experiences.  The extremes of Steve Jobs’ career offer strong examples of when he was and was not biologically compliant.

Our health, and even our patience, is unforgiving when maximization has been experienced and then lost.  Thwarted creativity in the field of one’s greatest strengths and meaning may turn out to be the key cause of illness in aspiring executives.  It is a mistake for the individual and the world to push a career in opposition to the maximizing flow.

Emulate the iconic founders of Amazon, Apple, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft

Many aspire to the success of our seven super-achievers:  Bill Gates (Microsoft), the two Steves: Jobs and Wozniak (Apple), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Larry Page and Sergey Brin (Google), and Jeff Bezos (Amazon).  They have achieved the goals that many pursue in their careers.  Many mistakenly assume that they accumulated their wealth and acclaim through their pursuit of these rewards directly.  Many therefore try to emulate what their pathways seem to have been in order to acquire comparable extrinsic rewards.

The biologically maximized career

However, the formula these seven successful innovators truly share is a biologically maximized career path.  It was their pursuit of intrinsic rewards that led to the external manifestation of their internal wealth and success.  By operating at their biological maximum, internal and external maximizing mechanisms and processes linked up to enable them to frequently perform beyond their potential.  Functionality, growth, and creativity automatically emerged that are not available when we operate as separate entities.

There is an addictive pull to doing meaningful, challenging work to which we are biologically predisposed.  Only by harnessing a machinery dedicated to our biological maximum may we know our true career potential.  Once you understand the biologically driven career strategy of our seven super-achievers, you realize not only that it is totally replicable in your own life but how to do it.

Serial top-talent flows or serial internal maximizations

Flow state is our maximized state.  In flow we operate at peak performance and peak growth.  We have functionality and capabilities above our norm.  However, the flow states experienced serially by our super seven had them operating 100% in their savant state.

In top-talent flow they applied their strongest most satisfying talents to the work they were biologically predisposed to do and, in fact, biologically addicted to doing.  Internal biological incentives enticed them to operate in serial states of top-talent flow and the serial breakthrough synthesis that is its byproduct.  New functionality perpetually emerged in them with every top-talent flow experience.  They scaled frontier after frontier in their most meaningful field with world-changing consequences – Google, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft and Facebook.

Serial breakthrough synthesis or serial information creation or serial frontiering™

Years of serial breakthroughs in the territory of their strongest, most rewarding, and most addicting talents yielded their incredible career achievements.  This addiction of our seven icons to serial states of top-talent flow was compounded by a second biological addiction.  This addiction was to the frontiering™ or serial breakthrough synthesis that occurred at the frontiers they were scaling.  The cumulative effects of these two benevolent biochemical addictions pulled them to advance our world.  They were sufficiently compelling that the disciplined linear hard work traditionally promoted for career advancement was never required.

The career success of each of our seven iconic founders is defined by their moments of breakthrough synthesis when they re-mixed the known to create the new.  They all had access to seemingly serendipitous information that they synthesized into the breakthroughs that peppered their careers.  Breakthrough synthesis is evolution’s way.  Take a page from nature’s silver linings playbook.  Serial breakthrough synthesis is the modus operandi for a biologically maximized career.

Brilliant breakthroughs for the ungifted?

Is it possible for ordinary people, non-creatives, or the change-adverse to routinely experience effortless epiphanies, brilliant breakthroughs, and fruitful frontiering forays to springboard their careers ahead?  The answer is “Yes!” for those who know how to harness nature’s maximizing process to source then re-combine existing information systems to create new ones.

You will come to know the indicators of the flow of the maximizing process.  Clusters of coincidences are one example.  Over time, it will become progressively easier to follow the indicators to be in the right place at the right time for the next piece of information that you need.  Even normal intelligence will be able to see how to re-mix to create something new when magical information pieces emerge right in front of you.  It will become routine.

  • Could it be that the seven iconic super-achievers who founded Google, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, and Facebook did not need to be as creative, innovative or as brilliant as we might have thought to attain their life-changing and world-changing careers?
  • Could it be that they only needed to be able to source and re-combine existing information systems to create new information systems?
  • Could it be that our seven were, in fact, expert breakthrough synthesizers?
  • Could serial breakthrough synthesis as a way of life have been their shared formula for career success?
  • Could it be yours?
  • Could you become as world-changing as these icons?

Breakthrough synthesis redefines leading?

Managers manage existing human systems.  Leaders penetrate new territory or bring new information systems into existence.  The person with the expertise and passion for penetrating unknown territory will always be the leader.  The person creating the next iteration of the world will always be the leader.  Therefore, breakthrough synthesis will define the leader of the future.

Consequently, our seven iconic executives were leaders even if they never conformed to any of the competencies promoted by the leadership development industry.  Those competencies are just window-dressing.  Breakthrough synthesis is this essence of leadership.  It determines whether you will or will not be the leader.

But there is more.  Revisit the definition of breakthrough synthesis for a moment.  Is not each person an information system which may be re-combined to create a new information system?  Are not all collections of human resources information systems?  Could leadership itself then not be better defined in terms of breakthrough synthesis using human information systems?  This is obviously a whole other chapter of career maximums best saved for a future article.

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Author: Lauren Holmes

As CEO of, Lauren Holmes designs customized companies, projects, jobs, and career and company strategies which will enable people to biologically maximize to achieve goals and impact at their maximum or beyond. Lauren is a biological anthropologist who helps people and companies to superachieve by extending their capabilities with surrounding biological infrastructure with which humans have evolved to partner.  See for more about Lauren's books and articles.

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