Reset to your Maximum

To Outperform your Potential

Natural maximizing mechanisms will re-engage        The indicators of operating at your maximum will increase      Progressions similar to live models        Increase Top-Talent Flow        Honor your savant formula based on your historical experience        Harness future predictability from past patterns        Best savant exercises for scenario selection        Advance in the direction of increased indicators of operating at your maximum        Your new modus operandi        Follow your savant formula and indicators of your maximum        Participate in proactive breakthrough synthesis        Links about breakthrough synthesis        Scenarios for the employed        Scenarios for the unemployed

Our cultures have taught us to operate as separate biological entities.  This would unfortunately limit our potential to what is within us.  Yet, we have been born into a massive biological machinery.  Systems of mechanisms, processes, and forces have evolved to adapt and maximize all living systems for survival.  Could our potential be extended by that machinery and all the systems it orchestrates?  Indeed it can.  Change the way we operate and the bar for human potential will be raised.

Let’s start by resetting you to your maximum and extended potential.  Use the strategies, targets, tactics, and scenario suggestions here to reinstate your partnership with the adapting, maximizing machinery that evolved us all.  Once re-connected, our true power, potency, and promise are released.  Circuits complete.  Processes partner.  Mechanisms mesh.  Systems synergize and synchronize.  Synchronicities surge.  Coincidences cluster.  Sudden knowledge, sudden creativity and flashes of genius flood in.  Growth processes launch.  Our internal-external human system resurrects.

Once re-connected, natural mechanisms inside and outside of you will pull you to peak performance and beyond.  Let’s begin by identifying methods and scenarios which will trigger adaptive processes to restore you to your true maximum. Let’s empower you with the ability to achieve beyond your potential.  Let’s discover the magnitude of the lifetime legacy with which you might advance our world.


The strategy for this exercise to reset you to your maximum will be simple:  Find a context such as the scenarios suggested below to abruptly quantum leap to operating at your RESET TO YOUR MAXIMUM to outperform your potentialmaximum with the least risk to your existing way of life.  Shift from your limited internal potential as a separate biological entity to your true potential when extended by the maximizing machinery and all of the living systems it orchestrates.

You do not need to be operating at your maximum to couple with the maximizing machinery.  You only need to be moving in its same direction towards your maximization.  When your speed and direction are right, it will feel as if two gears have re-engaged.  The surge in power and potential will be palpable.  Once connected, natural mechanisms and processes will take over.  Nature knows what to do.  Internal and external mechanisms will re-link.  The natural integrity of your system will be restored.  You will be able to outperform your internal potential.


Natural maximizing mechanisms will re-engage
We have evolved addictive drives that biologically bias us to use and improve our greatest strengths.  It is advantageous to the survival of the species that we be biologically biased to peak performance.  The more you comply with the addictive drives we have evolved for it, the more you will want to comply with them.  Therefore we need only put you into a scenario in which you begin operating at your maximum and natural mechanisms will work to sustain you at that maximum.

The indicators of operating at your maximum will increase
Merging with the maximizing machinery will increase your experience of the following:

  • Serial top-talent flow states
  • Facilitating events
  • Emotional highs
  • Events in which you operate at full power
  • Your impact on the world
  • Your advance of it through creativity and creation
  • Savant-like Information leaps inside or outside of you:
    • serial coincidences and other facilitators that speed/enhance your progress
    • serial breakthroughs:
      • Aha!” and “Eureka!” events, flashes of genius, epiphanies
      • sudden knowledge, sudden insight, intuitive leaps, enlightenment
      • sudden creativity, sudden creation, creative inspirations
  • leaps to emotional highs
  • Savant-like performance leaps and achieving beyond your norm
  • Scaling of new frontiers
  • Bringing the new into existence
  • Serendipitous projects accelerated as if by magic
  • Activities which are addictive and difficult to resist
  • Activities that are intrinsically rewarding
  • The pull of addictive drives pulling you to use and improve your strongest talents
  • The pull of addictive drives pulling you to top-talent flow states
  • The pull of your knowledge-pursuit, creation-pursuit, frontier-pursuit, and core-expansion drives
  • The clarity of the pathway of your maximum path of lifetime impact

Progressions similar to live models of the target maximums will be evident
Real life examples help to identify what we are expecting to happen once you reset to your maximum in your selected scenario.  Previous articles have examined the careers of seven icons  –  Bill Gates, the two Steves, Jobs and Wozniak, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page, Sergey Brin, and Jeff Bezos, the founders of Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Google, and Amazon, respectively.  They are examples of biologically maximized careers based on addictive drives to using and improving the greatest talents of each.  Their careers are peppered with world-changing breakthroughs reflective of savant states that emerge from synchronizing with the maximizing machinery.

We learned how the compliance of these seven icons to biological maximizing processes caused them to lead addictive careers of serial breakthroughs, serial frontiering™ or scaling of new frontiers, serial growth, serial creations, serial emotional highs, and serial flow states.  Even a few such breakthroughs have made careers life-changing and world-changing.  What could your career become with serial breakthroughs and sudden-knowledge leaps such as flashes of genius, “Aha!” and “Eureka!” events, sudden insights, sudden knowledge, sudden creativity, creative inspirations, intuitive leaps, epiphanies, and enlightenment.  Even those of ordinary intelligence may cultivate such savantism?


Increase Top-Talent Flow
We have determined the strategy and the targets of our reset exercise.  It is now time to talk implementation.  Your absolute maximum is a peak performance flow state that emerges while you are applying your strongest most gratifying talents to your most meaningful goals benefiting the audience most valuing of your efforts.  If, in the scenario you choose for your reset, you did nothing but spend your day in this top-talent flow state, you would merge with the maximizing machinery effortlessly.  Magically, new functionality and capabilities would emerge.  Serial achievements beyond your potential would become the norm.

Increasing the time you spend in top-talent flow daily is both a target and a tactic.  It is, in fact, the one tactic that will eliminate the need for all of the rest of the below prescribed actions for resetting to your maximum.  It is a way to turn the task over to natural maximizing processes and mechanisms.  This is because flow is yet another addictive drive:  the more you experience it, the more you want to experience it.  This is why it has been a key driver or, perhaps more accurately, attractor of human evolution.

Let me provide some links below to what I have already said in previous articles about this maximum and maximizing flow state so that your target will become clearer:
Magic happens when you stretch your best talents to more impactful achievements over long periods of time.  You repeatedly experience an altered state of consciousness that psychologist Csikszentmihalyi calls flow.  Attention is 100% focused on the activity at hand.  Peak performance and growth are built in.  Time, space, and even self-awareness cease to exist.  Flow is intrinsically rewarding.  It too is an addictive drive that will raise your baseline functionality as it did with our super-seven.”
The Triggering of Cascading Functionality Upgrades
Flow maximizes instantly
Your maximum flow:  top-talent flow
Sudden savantism through top-talent flow
Growth through top-talent flow
New meta-skills from extensive top-talent flow experience
Flow is our internal breakthrough synthesis
Serial top-talent flows or serial internal maximizations
Theme of Top-Talent Flow States

Top-talent flow will be the ultimate goal for any of the scenarios below that you might choose to facilitate your reset to your maximum.  However, should this maximum state elude you, there are alternative approaches which will enable you to re-engage with the maximizing machinery that evolved us.  Again, you do not need to be operating at your maximum for your system to merge with the maximizing machinery.  You only need to be moving in the same direction towards maximization.  

Honor your savant formula based on your historical experience.
     Harness future predictability from past patterns
You may easily know your target maximum state for this exercise from an inventory of your experiences of your maximum in your past.  Your Sourcing-Your-Savant exercise findings provide you with the formula for when the maximizing machinery has and has not supported your progress in your past and hence when it will and will not support you in the future.  This formula defines when coincidences, breakthroughs, flashes of genius, sudden knowledge, sudden creativity, and other such flow events will catapult you to peak performance in your selected scenario.  Therefore, your savant formula will tell you precisely the design requirements for a scenario for reconnecting you to the maximizing machinery.
     Best savant exercises for scenario selection
There are certain themes or patterns of past events that are likely to be the most advantageous for selecting and operating in your ideal scenario for resetting to your maximum.  For most people, these include:  your unpaid-work theme and your knowledge-pursuit, creation-pursuit, and frontier-pursuit themes.  And, of course, your top-talent flow theme will be invaluable since that is the target state we want to increase in any scenario you choose.  There is no point in trying to work against what you find in your historical data.  Choose your scenario accordingly.

Advance in the direction of increased indicators of operating at your maximum
The very capabilities that you expect to have at your maximum are not just the targets.  They are also the tell-tale signs to follow moment-by-moment to arrive at this maximum.  They tell you that you are moving in the right direction.  Follow the indicators of your maximum state and you will automatically be re-integrated into the maximizing machinery and taken to your maximum in one seamless process.  

The criteria used to identify past events of operating at your maximum for the Sourcing-Your-Savant analyses, are the same signals that you will be following to guide you within the scenario you.  When these signposts are not in evidence, you will need to take safe actions in any direction until you find them again.   You might have zigged when the maximizing machinery zagged.

Your new modus operandi
.       Follow your savant formula and indicators of your maximum
You may recall that this is the thrust of the section entitled why you want to Learn All Twelve Categories:
“There is an important reason why you will eventually want to investigate all twelve categories.  This is because this will not be a one-time exercise.  It will become your new routine modus operandi.  You will analyze immediate events as they happen to choose the direction that will keep you hugging the flow of the maximizing process.  Repeating the exercise for more current events will be the way you will read, merge into, and capitalize on the maximizing machinery going forward.These twelve analyses will provide the information that you need for your daily decision-making, goal-setting, and goal achievement.”

If we are resetting you to your maximum then operating in this way will become your new way of life.  You will always want to be directed by the signals of the maximizing machinery.  There would be little point to resetting to your maximum if it was not your intent to sustain that maximum.  Now you know how to do that.  You are ready to make the paradigm shift.

.       Participate in proactive breakthrough synthesis

Let me offer a little more insight into your new modus operandi.  You will be partnering with a nonlinear opportunistic maximizing machinery that is synchronizing and synergizing all living systems for survival and adaptation.  The creativity it uses to resolve maximizing challenges is something I have coined ‘breakthrough synthesis’ in previous articles.

Breakthrough synthesis is the perpetual process of re-combining existing information systems to create a new information system.  Serial breakthrough synthesis is the recognizable serial quantum leap process which underlies all biological evolution.  It is what generates the leaps I often speak of such as coincidences externally and leaps internally such as breakthroughs, flashes of genius, sudden savantism, sudden knowledge, sudden creativity, and sudden flow states.  This is the process you are merging with when you reclaim your membership in a massive biological machinery.  One goal is to tap into the breakthroughs to accelerate your progress to your goals.  However, there is also an opportunity for you to drive this breakthrough synthesis to achieve larger more innovative goals faster.  Future articles will help you to develop this expertise.

For the purpose of this paradigm shift or quantum leap to your maximum, it is worth imagining that it will take you three to seven coincidences in order to have the information pieces to recombine into a new information system that enables you to achieve your goal.  You will want to be vigilant in letting yourself be guided by the machinery to colliding with the necessary information pieces.  Try not to force yourself to proceed linearly through a known project plan.  Let yourself become nonlinear and opportunistic wherever it is safely possible to experiment.

Even non-creatives and those with less than stellar intelligence will see how to re-combine three to seven information pieces for breakthroughs when they are placed in front of them.  History is riddled with examples.  It is possible for you to become one of them.  Create what has never existed before.  Create your equivalent version of a Google, Facebook, or Apple.

Below are some links to what I have already said in previous articles about breakthrough synthesis:
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Breakthrough synthesis – the new job search / job creation process

As you spend time in your new scenario, growth processes are launched that will continue to raise your baseline performance and functionality for the rest of your life.  In effect, even the information system that is ‘you’ will become an ingredient in breakthrough synthesis.  Even you will be recombined with other information systems to create a new ‘you’ around the innate immutable essence that is you.  It is important to understand that there is no finite arrival at your maximum.  Once your partnership with the maximizing machinery extends your potential externally your potential becomes as infinite as nature.  Given this new breakthrough modus operandi, true human potential is as yet unquantified.

Additional miscellaneous tactics for the reset-to-your-maximum exercise

Some additional rules of engagement will ensure the success of your foray into a scenario for your reset to your maximum:

    1. Your work in your chosen scenario must impact or advance reality or the outside world in some way.
  1. Any action you take should elicit indicators that you are moving towards maximization:  top-talent flow     b.   emotional highs     c.   coincidences, leaps, and facilitating events
  2. Comply with the historical evidence:  Pursue those directions and elements that the machinery supports.  Exclude the things it has not historically supported.
  3. As a novice, avoid emotionally-charged goals until your expertise and proficiency improve.  For many this will mean you should not set goals for money, valuing, acceptance and inclusion to compensate for abandonment and exclusion, and abundance to compensate for scarcity.
  4. Protect your system integrity at all costs.  Where possible, take safe experimental actions only.  There is no need to take risks to re-integrate into the maximizing machinery.  Risks should be considered ‘blocks’ to routes you were considering.  Keep the same end-goal but find another route or a better time when the machinery is more receptive.
  5. Watch for facilitating events or gates to open up to show you the best direction in which to proceed.   You should thrill to the prospect of your next action or do not take it.  There should be coincidences, leaps and flow events to facilitate your progress in the adaptive direction for you.  Alternatively, if there are blocks, even internal ones such as negative emotions, stop.  Find a better route to your goal which appears to be supported by the machinery.  Nothing should need force.
  6. However, never leave a flow event or coincidence unexplored.  These are created by opportunities for synergy with other living systems.  Take safe actions to find those opportunities.   They indicate the adaptive direction for your system.
  7. Keep non-play elements to a minimum.  Honor your goal if you must choose between your goal and the goal of your scenario – a charity, for example.  It is important not to be pulled off-track.  You may already have that situation at work so your scenario needs to be a safe free environment where you can meet your maximizing goals.
  8. It is okay to take action with the signposts of the maximizing flow without knowing precisely what your goal is.  An emotional blueprint or how your arrival at a goal will feel is sufficient.

Reset Scenarios

to Reset to their Maximum by achieving sustained or serial top-talent flow

These scenarios suggest contexts conducive to releasing you to reintegrate with nature’s adaptation machinery.  Once you begin moving in the direction of your maximum, there will come a point of critical mass.  Nature will take over and begin pulling you to your maximum and into adaptive directions.  Nature’s maximizing machinery will begin grouping your system to advantage for synergies and synchronizing.  For those who are employed, it is still possible to free yourself to reset to your maximum.  Where possible, however, you should keep risks to your current employment status to a minimum until your expertise develops.

Scenario 1:    Redesign your existing job

If employed, your ideal method to reset to your maximum is to re-design your existing job to comply with your natural growth path and the direction the maximizing machinery has historically pressured your system to progress.  If this cannot be done directly, perhaps the following strategies might be used:

  • Add special projects to your job, especially skunkworks or new ventures.  Top-talent flow can only be experienced if you are advancing through new challenges and creations.
  • Join projects elsewhere within your employer
  • Partner with companies that do business with your employer or create projects around the interface
  • Create charitable ventures for your employer’s corporate giving program which require your strongest talents
  • Seek secondments to governments or companies/organizations surrounding your employer which will benefit both sides and yourself.
Scenario 2:    Take a different job within your current employer that already exists
Scenario 3:    Create a new job within your employer
Scenario 4:    Create a new project or new venture within your current employer

Ideally these will become part of your existing job as part of the job redesign sought in Scenario 1.  However, if necessary, work outside of your job on perhaps initially unsanctioned projects until they have advanced enough to be supported by your employer and become part of your job or create a new job ideal for you.

Scenario 5:    Take an active Board of Director position with an outside company

This will let you do the work you were designed to do without leaving your employer

Scenario 6:    Work for a charity or not-for-profit after work

Ideally this could be a role sponsored by your current employer as part of their corporate giving program identified in the redesign of your job in Scenario 1.  However, it may be necessary to create a new context conducive to resetting to your maximum which is unrelated to your current job or employer.
Caution:  For the goals of this exercise, it is important to not be dragged into work which is not related to resetting your system to its maximum.  Unfortunately, one must recognize that the needs of the have-nots in this world are infinite.  You are taking on this additional work to reset to your maximum in a meaningful way.  It is best to restrict the gift you are prepared to give to the giving of your strongest talents applied to your most rewarding and valued work at your maximum.  This benefits both sides of the equation while energizing rather than depleting you.  The resulting partnership with the maximizing machinery will reposition you to a more adaptive context long-term.

Scenario 7:    Cultivate a hobby outside of work in which you can maximize

There is the possibility that breakthrough synthesis may find a way for your hobby or home studies to eventually become your source of revenue and ultimately your career.  Remember to choose your hobbies to comply with your unpaid work drives, and creation-pursuit, growth-pursuit, frontiering-pursuit, and top-talent flow drives.  So many fabulous careers have been launched in a home garage.

Scenario 8:    Research projects undertaken for your employer

These projects should comply with your knowledge-pursuit, creation-pursuit, and frontiering-pursuit drives.  Achieving breakthroughs that will advance your employer or your industry will advance your career, upgrade your worth to your employer, and become the driver of your biologically maximized career.  So many phenomenal careers have begun with a single breakthrough.

Scenario 9:    Give Speeches.  Write books.  Blog.  Teach.  Pursue a field of study.

The preparation and delivery of material you are passionate about developing within the territory of your strongest talents will pull you into serial top-talent flow states.  This will give you access to the magic associated with coupling with the maximizing machinery and its serial breakthrough synthesis.  Even a few breakthroughs may be career-changing, life-changing, and even world-changing.

and possibly the EMPLOYED)
to Reset to their Maximum by achieving sustained or serial top-talent flow

This collection of scenarios for resetting to your maximum capitalizes on the increased flexibility of the unemployed.  The scenarios are grouped into two categories:
Scenarios 1-4:  This set of contexts for biologically normalizing include assembling a company, buying a company, starting a company, or borrowing a company or job
Scenarios 5-7:  This second category of scenarios is fashioned directly from the seven iconic founders of Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, and Amazon we have been examining in earlier articles.  It is about releasing to your natural drives for growth, creation, frontiering™, and learning until you are able to commercialize them into paid play, often with the creation of a new field or frontier.  This is the means to achieve your maximum lifetime legacy and really explore the outer limits of your capabilities.

Scenario 1:  Assemble a mature virtual company from existing components:
companies, firms, professionals, technology, information systems, contractors, consultants, workforces, skills, and such.

This is one of my favourite techniques for quickly resetting my outplacement clients to their maximum to accelerate their job search process.  A virtual organization is assembled to provide the perfect context to replicate one’s past maximum events.  It should therefore comply with your findings from your Sourcing-Your-Savant exercise:  your unpaid work, creation-pursuit, frontier-pursuit, and core-expansion themes and especially your historical formula for top-talent flow.  Anything that does not help you to persist in serial top-talent flow states is outsourced.  Anything that is more work than play is outsourced.
.        Virtual company design
This scenario is not about starting and growing an entrepreneurial company from scratch.  This is about melding fully operational units together as a mature company.  Nor should this model be used to recreate a lost job.  The job was lost due to system corrections which may have well have been instigated by the adaptivity needs of your own system.  There is little future in trying to go against the flow of the maximizing process.

The maximizing machinery found your de-hiring adaptive for some human system whether that system was yours, the company’s, the market’s, the industry’s, or some other system.  There had to be many thwarting signals consistent with no support by the maximizing machinery that you had to overlook to end up experiencing the surprise loss of your job.  Now that you know what to look for, you will not be blindsided again.  In the future, you will proactively reposition with the signposts of the maximizing machinery to be led out of the old context and into a new more adaptive one.

Coincidences, breakthroughs, flow events, and quantum leaps will catapult you nonlinearly and opportunistically to endgame jobs or the success of this newly created customized virtual organization.  When you have the right design for your system, the virtual company will almost form itself.  There will be magic.  There should be lots of leaps propelling your forward.  So even if you have only an emotional blueprint of the final company design or how it will feel, you can move at top speed to implement it. Partnering with the maximizing machinery will ensure that your natural growth path will become the company’s growth path.

The virtual company is intrinsically rewarding in and of itself.  However it will also be one of the fastest ways to penetrate the hidden job market to close your ideal job.  This will require a separate article to explain.  Suffice it to say that your marketing efforts for selling your virtual company’s services will coincide with selling yourself into your ideal job.

Scenario 2:  Buy a company with private equity

You may not need to create a virtual organization to reset to your maximum.  You may be lucky enough to find a company that will give you your ideal job for operating at your biological maximum and you can simply buy the company.  Look for flows to facilitate finding the right company and blocks to the wrong one.

Scenario 3:  Start an entrepreneurial company along your natural growth path

The design of the company should offer the perfect expression of the maximum you.  The growth path of the company should align with your knowledge-pursuit, creation-pursuit, frontiering-pursuit and core-expansion or growth drives.  The goal is to be paid to achieve your maximum lifetime growth and achievement.

Scenario 4:  Borrow a company and/or a job

An interim employment contract is a great way to normalize to your maximum.  Employment could be at a company, a not-for profit, an association, a charity, or similar.  If there are no interim executive jobs available, it may be advantageous to offer your services for free to speed your reset to your maximum.  Coincidences and breakthroughs may then quickly catapult you to a more permanent arrangement.

Scenario 5:  Free-form work driven by your unleashed top-talent drives:
.                     Unpaid-work , and knowledge-pursuit, creation-pursuit,
.                     frontiering-pursuit, core-expansion, and top-talent flow drives

This is a completely unstructured approach to freeing your day to the above drives in order to advance the world in some way.  This is intrinsically rewarding in and of itself.  However, over time you will begin to scale new frontiers in your top-talent territory.  A plethora of breakthroughs, coincidences, and leaps will pull you in unknown directions which in 20/20 hindsight will appear immensely logical and adaptive.  You will find that your version of Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, or Apple will emerge.

This is a frontiering adventure into new territory or bringing the new into existence.  It is pure serial breakthrough synthesis.  Rather than having a defined structure for a project or entrepreneurial company, this is about being pulled by the drives and passions associated with applying one’s strongest talents until the field, the job, the invention, the discovery, or the company emerges.

Scenario 6:   Analyzing and developing your ‘science’

This is not about true science. This is about the development of a set of rules or procedures or discoveries that will allow those without your innate talent to operate as you do or to accomplish goals you were able to accomplish.  You are seeing my science in these articles.  They capture what I do instinctively so that others without my aptitude may apply it to achieve beyond their potential.  As you analyze how you use your strongest talents you will be increasing your abilities and breaking through new frontiers.  For some, this scenario will allow them to achieve top-talent flow states and reset to their maximum.  It will work for the employed or unemployed.

Scenario 7:  Pursue your lifetime legacy

There are those who know what they want their greatest lifetime legacy to be based on the maximum application of their strongest talents applied to the most worthy cause for the most receptive and valuing audience.  By committing to its achievement using the breakthrough synthesis of the maximizing machinery, you will quickly find that you have reset to your maximum.