SOURCING YOUR SAVANT: Hyper-Focus your Career on your GeniusSudden-Creativity  Theme:
Events in which spontaneous creativity, creative inspiration, or Aha! experiences emerged as an original solution to support the application of one’s top talents to creation work that will transform or advance the world in some unprecedented way.

Sudden-creativity events are a subtle enhancement to the sudden-knowledge theme.  They too relate to experiencing information coincidences in your head.  They too are nature-initiated quantum leaps that have been included as signposts of the maximizing flow.  They differ in that the sudden creativity is only about the creation of new, original, and unprecedented information.  Creativity recombines existing information coincidences or systems to create new information systems that have never existed before.  We have named this breakthrough synthesis in other articles of the Biologically Maximized Career series.

Sudden-creativity events bring something new into existence.  They involve new creations that are the product of creativity and innovation.  Reality, the world, or the contextual system will be changed in some way during sudden-creativity events.  This type of information coincidence is more visibly impactful on reality than sudden-knowledge coincidences which are internal.

Creation-Pursuit  Theme:
Events of creativity which you felt compelled to pursue to impact or advance reality.  There is likely a territory or theme of creative impact that is addictive for you.  Alternatives:  creativity-pursuit theme or creative-expression theme

With the knowledge-pursuit theme, we examined events compelled by addictive drives related to our strongest talents and capabilities.  Creation-pursuit events are similarly motivated.  Whereas previously we looked at what your system innately wants to learn, in this exercise we analyze what your system innately wants to create, given every resource and every freedom.  Knowledge-pursuit events change you inside.  Creation-pursuit events change reality outside.  Knowledge-pursuit events provide the fuel for creation-pursuit events.

All of us do not seek to be creative in general.  Rather, there is a specific territory where it is meaningful for us to change reality or advance the world.  Innately, we are biologically predisposed to want to create or impact reality in that particular territory or specific way.  In your recent past or all the way back to your childhood, review the events around your greatest creations:
1.     How are you drawn to change reality; to create; to invent; to come up with something new; to produce something; to bring something new into existence?
What are the characteristics that are common to all of these times when you were driven to creativity or creations?
What is the theme?
What would be your formula to increase the quality, quantity and impactfulness of your future creations?
What would be your formula for you to leave your greatest legacy to advance our world given unlimited freedom and resources?
What is your formula for the improving your performance and your achievements for the future?
What will be your personal formula for success and for your life based on the ‘partnered you’ or the ‘internal-external you’?
What projects, jobs and career should you choose so that
.         you are always amplified by the maximizing machinery:  sudden-knowledge, sudden-creativity, synergies, knowing the ideal directions into the unknown, top-talent flow states, and so on;
.         you are compelled by the addictive drives behind your creativity/knowledge pursuit themes to do your fastest work, your greatest work, your most effortless work, and your most meaningfully impactful work; and
.         you operate at peak performance  –  in top-talent flow states  –  using your greatest strengths while experiencing addictive emotional highs.

This is the prescription for you to experience your greatest rewards internally and externally.  This is your formula for your biologically maximized career.

Another way to get at this central core or your creative-expression theme is to think of the times you were using your strongest talents with passion, excitement, and enthusiasm.  You were totally inflamed, totally motivated to do particular tasks, or totally motivated to do a particular task in some particular way.  You were compelled by the addictiveness of top-talent flow state.

You are looking for events in which these kinds of positive emotions occurred while you were advancing reality in some way.  You were creating in top-talent flow state, your most positive emotional state. Your creations felt as if they were expressions of your natural core, your essence.  These events will be demonstrating your creativity-pursuit theme, your creation-pursuit theme, or your creative-expression theme.  Your creativity-pursuit theme and your positive-emotions theme are linked to each other and to your top talents.

The only negative emotions you might discover with your past events associated with your creativity-pursuit category, if we would refer to them in that way, relate to creative tension.  This is a little bit of frustration you experience as you are trying to figure out how to scale the next frontier.  The task at hand has to be a stretch in order to pull you into top-talent flow state.  That is the entrance fee for that benevolently addictive state that has evolved to keep the human species maximizing and adapting.SOURCING YOUR SAVANT Instructions

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