SOURCING YOUR SAVANT: Hyper-Focus your Career on your GeniusMeaning-Pursuit  Theme:
Events in which you felt compelled to do work or make contributions motivated
by meaning.
  This work seeks to create something valued by others.

We want to look only at the historical pattern of top-talent meaning-pursuit events around which the machinery has been maximizing you.  That means signposts of maximizing such as clusters of coincidences will surround these events.  The meaning events to be identified and analyzed from your past are not related to charitable giving.  Your gifts of money or resources should be excluded from your evaluation.  We are instead looking for natural outpourings from your system that addictive drives compel you to do which you hope or wish will be valued by the world.

1.  What is innately meaningful as a creative expression of your system?
2.  What does this tell you about the theme of the work you are drawn to do or the territory where you most want to benefit the world?
3.  What ‘work’  –  using your knowledge-pursuit theme, frontier-pursuit theme, and creativity-pursuit theme  –  would give your life the greatest meaning?
4.  What ‘work’ would give the most pride in your achievements over a lifetime of pursuing them?  When you answer this question you are likely talking about your natural core and your system of strongest talents.  Your essence.  The foundation of your system.
5.  What would be your greatest legacy or the highest most meaningful life work you can envision?

Look back over your lifetime to examine the pattern of events of meaningful work that you have done.  Do you see the theme?  Do you see where you would like to make your greatest contribution to the world given unlimited time, freedom, and resources?

These events will tell you where your addictive drives, strongest talents, and passions are trying to pull you.  These should simultaneously be events where clusters of coincidences and natural quantum leaps will abound to show that you have successfully partnered with the maximizing flow.  Your internal-external system is operating fully.SOURCING YOUR SAVANT Instructions

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