SOURCING YOUR SAVANT: Hyper-Focus your Career on your GeniusPositive-Emotions  Theme:
Events in which passion, excitement, and enthusiasm emerged during work that changed reality

As with all twelve categories, these are events which will identify your top talents and the way the maximizing forces for living systems have opposed or supported your system in the past.  Events in any of the twelve categories will generate positive emotions.  This is as you would expect.  Positive emotions are one of the signposts of successfully complying with the flow of maximizing systems.

The events from your past to be inventoried in this category are those in which positive emotions are experienced while doing work that will advance reality in some way.  These events should be analyzed for commonalities so that formulas may be formulated for replicating them in the future.  Analyzing the emotional feel of the events that historically generated positive emotions will allow you to replicate such events in the future.  The potential for improvements to your quality of life are substantial.

Determine the emotional signature you experienced as you were on your way to what turned out to be a successful outcome.  You may use this signature in the future to determine if you are on a successful path.  You will want to know the emotional harmonic that occurs when you are using your system of key talents, especially in top-talent flow.  It will become one of the many new information sources or signposts that these twelve themes are identifying for you.

This emotional signature or harmonic will be a tell-tale sign that you are taking the right next steps in partnership with the maximizing flow.  It can be used to allow you to frontier quickly and safely through unknown territory.  You will even be able to us this emotional harmonic at the beginning of activities and projects to confirm that they are right for you before you commit to them.  Your theme of positive emotions can be a predictor of your career success.SOURCING YOUR SAVANT Instructions

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