SOURCING YOUR SAVANT: Hyper-Focus your Career on your GeniusUnpaid  Work  Theme:
Events of doing work for which others would charge
that you crave so much you would do for free

These are events relating to work that is so compelling and you do so well that you might even pay for the opportunity to do it.  To discover your unpaid work theme, you will want to look at events in your past when you felt compelled to do phenomenal amounts of work motivated only by its intrinsic rewards.  The mere joy of doing the work was its own reward.  Review experiences in your recent past or your distant past all the way back to childhood where you applied considerable effort to work you were passionate about doing but happily did for free.

Not only were you drawn to do this work but magic happened whenever you did it.  The magic, of course, was the signposts of having merged with the maximizing flow.  The addictive qualities of these events derive not only from the addictive drives to use and improve your key talents but from the emotional high, the increased meaning, and draws built-into talent-focused flow state.  How can you go back to plodding work after all of this magic of coincidences catapulting you forward.

Include in your inventory all those work experiences that you wished you had more opportunities to repeat.  Consider as well those work events that you wish you could have a job or even a career around doing.  Now look for the common thread or generic theme that runs through all of them.

The majority of these events will relate to the application of your strongest talents.  If you have been wondering what those top talents are, you will now know.  Events in this category identify the core talents and related addictive drives around which your system will be pressured to unify by maximizing forces.  These unpaid ‘work’ events are a demonstration of your system perfectly unified and operating at its maximum.

One of the commonalities of this category of events that you should look for is that they all relate to you changing reality in some way.  The impact of this ‘work’ is registered somehow in the world external to you.  The world is different because you have done this ‘work’.  Given all of the resources and freedom you would wish, this ‘work’ is what you would love to spend your life doing.  This ‘work’ is the creative expression of the essence of your system.

Select several models from your past to put into your inventory for future reference.  Now, develop a formula based on your unpaid work events which will precisely define the kinds of projects that maximizing forces will support in the future. Then any time that you want to experience this kind of support from the maximizing machinery you can choose projects with the same formula as those in your past.

Because unpaid work events are based on addictive drives we have evolved to maximize us, the more you do this kind of work, the more you will want to do it.  Over time you will be compelled to do more and more of this kind of ‘play’ work.  Also you will get better at it the more you do it.  Your capabilities will be expanding around your core so that your impact on reality increases.  Unfortunately, over time you will find that your system grows less tolerant of ‘work’ work that does not stretch your use of your top talents.  Once you get started with your partnership with the maximizing flow, you will not want to go back.  Therefore the only smart career strategy is a biologically maximized one.

You can fight this and force yourself to earn a living contrary to these biological biases.  But how much smarter, more desirable, and more meaningful your life would be if your income was from unpaid work of the forms or models of those in your past.  You would also be maximized to do your best work and hence earn your best rewards.  It is more advantageous to work with the predictability of the maximizing machinery than to fight it.SOURCING YOUR SAVANT Instructions

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